House Reef

W Maldives sits upon one of the best house reefs in the Maldives. The oval-shaped paradise is home to hundreds of species of marine life ready to be explored. Accessible from anywhere on the resort, jump in with your snorkeling gear at any time and enter a whole different world.

Under The Maldivian Waters

Pulsating Underwater Adventure

Snorkel in the best spots to get up close and personal with the ever-inviting schools of colorful fish, rays, turtles, tuna. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter some reef sharks.

Grab your snorkeling set and get ready to explore the best house reef of the Maldives!

Breathtaking And Magical Experiences

Have the adventure of a lifetime and swim with reef sharks and turtles just outside your retreat, an experience you will never forget.

The adventures don’t stop there. Join our very own resident marine biologist as he enriches your underwater experience and discover the secrets of our Maldivian reefs.

Venture into the deeper waters and explore the myriad of water activities with our diving & watersports center DOWN UNDER & WAVE.



Colorful Reef Fish

The rich Maldivian waters is at your doorstep at W Maldives. Grab your snorkeling gear and jump in or dive at the resort’s renowned house reef to discover schools of Angel, Parrot, Hawk, and Moorish fish. Glide along tiers of colorful corals and discover diverse eco-systems boasting coral gardens, sea fans, starfish and hermit crabs. Swim further to the edge of the reef and watch juvenile sharks, stingrays, dolphins and turtles roam the deep waters, coming close to the reefs from time to time.

In surrounding dive sites at North Male Atoll and Vaavu Atoll, marvel at the breathtaking topography, which include swim-through channels, caves and large overhangs among others, all of which invite you to discover the unique marine life that reside within them.




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