Venice FAQs

About Venice
What is acqua alta?
High tide occurs more frequently during autumn and winter when the sea water partially covers some areas of the city. High tide is an enchanting event: the city and its buildings reflect on the water's surface. The main streets are equipped with overwater ways.

What is Venice City Tax?
Venice City Tax is to be paid by all guests and is applicable for stays up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights and is to be settled by guests upon check-out.
During high season the tax is € 5.00 per person per night, and in the low season (January) it is €3.50 per person per night.
Children 10 years and below are exempt. Children 11 - 16 years pay 50% of the adult rate.
City tax levies are subject to change without notice.
Does the hotel provide adaptors?
Yes, please check with our Luxury Collection Concierge.

Is there an ATM machine at the hotel?
Yes there is an ATM machine in the hotel, please ask our concierge upon arrival to indicate you the exact position.

Does the hotel offer free Wi-Fi?
Yes, free wireless internet is available in all guest rooms and public areas. In-room internet access if completely free up to 2MB for all rooms, and 10MB for all suites.
Is there a coffee machine in the room?
Due to the Italian law on Old Historical Palaces, we cannot have the coffee maker in the room but you can order your favorite coffee with Room Service.

Can I have an iron in the room?
Due to the Italian law on Old Historical Palaces, we cannot offer an iron in the room, however we offer a pressing service.
Pet Policy
Does the hotel allow pets in the rooms?
We are delighted to welcome pets (one dog or cat of up to 6kg per room) and provide a dog bowl and our exclusive Luxury Dog Bed.

We ask that all dogs be kept on a leash when outside the guestroom. Pets are not permitted in the hotel’s meeting rooms or restaurant and lounge areas. No charges are applied for pets; however, guests will be responsible for any damage caused by their pets to the hotel property.
Are museums open every day?
It is important to note that in Venice most museums close on Tuesdays. Please ask our Luxury Collection Concierge for more information.

Do I need to wear anything specific to visit churches?
Yes, in the summer months be sure to bring along a shawl or scarf as you may be asked to cover your shoulders as a sign of respect.
How can I get to the hotel from the airport?
Guests can arrive by public transport or private water taxi. For further details, please see “How to reach The Gritti Palace” at the bottom of this page.

Do you offer a private transfer service?
Yes, we offer Private Hostess Assisted Transfers which require an advance booking of 48 hours. For further details, please see “How to reach The Gritti Palace” at the bottom of this page.
Payment Options
Can I pay for my stay in cash?
Yes, however the limit for European citizens is € 2,999.

Would you change a €200 or €500 banknote for change?
Yes we may offer you change for these banknotes.

Can I pay for my stay in my own currency?
Yes, your credit card must support Dynamic Currency Conversion. This service is available to Visa and Mastercard customers in USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, HKD, JPY and CHF.

Can I change my foreign currency at the hotel?
No, we cannot exchange foreign currency due to Bank of Italy regulations but in St Marks Square, you will find the nearest Exchange Office.
PCI Compliance
Payment Options

In an effort to reduce the risk of credit card fraud and to protect our customer's card data, The Gritti Palace follows Payment Card Industry compliance regulations and does not receive any emails containing credit card data. To book on behalf of someone else, or to pre-pay your stay, please fill in the Credit Card Form you can find at the bottom of this page, and send it by fax to +39 041 2961100.

For further information, please contact our Reservations department at grittipalace@luxurycollection.com.
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