Global Citizenship

As an internationalized company, we have a legacy of caring for the communities in which we operate, so global citizenship comes naturally to us.


Hotel Imperial and Environmental Protection

For a global enterprise like Marriott International, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility are a matter of course. Also the Hotel Imperial attaches great importance to responsibility for the environment and society and commits to sustainability.

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Imperial Torte Café Imperial


If you savour coffee at the Viennese Hotel Imperial, you can do that with a clear conscience. The Luxury Collection Hotel on Vienna’s Ring Boulevard commits itself to sustainability by offering Meinl organic FAIRTRADE coffee.

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Social Responsibility

Every evening, even on weekends and holidays, the Canisibus provides hot soup and bread to people in need in Vienna. For many of the up to 460 guests, this is their only hot meal a day.
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What turns a five-star house into a first-class hotel? Stylish ambience, impeccable service, enjoyment for all senses and above all the people behind.
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