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Yoga Sessions

You’re still looking for an unique Christmas present to gift your beloved ones? We have the perfect idea for you. Many people see the beginning of a new year as a beginning of new habits in their life, so what is better than a little help into the right path?

30.00 EUR per Person per course
Reservation and further information:

Our Yoga Packages

“New Year, New Me Yoga” in the two-storey Maisonette Suite

The year is nearly over and you are ready for new beginnings, new goals, new destinations or a new job? Our yoga teacher, Anja offers you a special experience that will support you by starting with yourself, above the rooftops of the city with a special view of Hamburg and the year 2020. Do you want to release yourself, do you need new energy or do you want to grow? We will offer your individual yoga session in the two-storey Maisonette suite. We provide you also with water, towels, yoga mats and fruity energy booster smoothies.

“Release Me” Yoga

Release yourself. During the meditation you learn how to release old or toxic issues by focusing on the inner piece. You release yourself from the past and all bad and unhealthy habits and you experience a deep and peaceful relaxation. Smoothly you will go on with the YIN YOGA session: It is the perfect base for releasing fears. Here our yoga teacher, Anja works with gravity by releasing mind and soul. It is a relaxed and meditative lesson that will prepare you for 2020.

9am-10 am

"Energize Me“ Yoga

You can expect a varied yoga flow that will strengthen and stretch your body. The sequences of the “asanas” are justified by sliding into the day. They strengthen the large muscle groups and open the heart area energetically. You will enjoy a final massage to face all challenges by 2020.

11am-12 pm

"Grow In The Flow” Yoga

You will enjoy a relaxed yoga sequence. Gift yourself with rewards, with the things that make you bigger, that evolve yourself. You will merge with the pleasant pace of powerful poses. The spinal flexion open the heart and give you an easy entrance to the things that make you smile, that motivate you and make you stronger than ever.



The courses are limited by 10 participant per session. You have the opportunity to use the dressing rooms and showers on 6th level in the spa area. Please be in the lobby 30 minutes before the yoga session starts. There an associate will welcome you.
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