Spa Treatments

Bath Treatment

Tangas (V Intimate Steam Bath)
This do-it-yourself steam uses an open-seated stool, a boiler, and sacred herbs to detoxify the uterus.

Fee: 30 minutes/100 MYR
Mandi Bunga Mambang Sari (Cleansing Lime And Floral Bath)
Indulge in an inspiring bath of kaffir limes, pandanus, and betal leaves. This bath is believed to purge illness and impurities.

Fee: 30 minutes/195 MYR
Love Bathing Ceremony
Indulge in a romantic bath together as you and your partner sip champagne and share exotic fruit skewers.

Fee: 30 minutes/375 MYR per couple

Body Treatments

Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub
Skin is buffed to perfection with raw sugarcane granules and infused with virgin coconut oil, which provides deep hydration and nutrition. Coconut contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators that restore the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Fee: 50 minutes/250 MYR
Dry Skin Brushing
This ideal pre-treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the body to discharge accumulated toxins while opening up pores.

Fee: 30 minutes/90 MYR
Buah Keras / Candle Nut
This ancient village remedy treatment is specifically designed to deeply cleanse and restore moisture. A total skin exfoliation uses freshly crushed kemiri or candle nut.  

Fee: 50 minutes/250 MYR
Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Scrub
This ancestral remedy blends nourishing, exfoliating, anti-oxidizing ingredients—lemongrass, kaffir lime, and rice—for a superbly softening body buff. They remove dead skin cells, leave your skin beautifully smooth, and help you feel refreshed.

Fee: 50 minutes/250 MYR
Barut Gamat Awet Muda (Regenerating Gamat Body Envelopment)
A luxurious journey in revitalizing your spirit, this anti-aging body wrap uses potent ingredients to heal and pamper.

Fee: 60 minutes/395 MYR
After Sun & Aloe Wrap
A gentle full-body massage with a special blend of fresh aloe vera is complemented by a face-and-scalp massage. Then, a wrap penetrates, heals, and soothes skin.

Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR

Massage Services

Urut Melayu (Traditional Malay Massage)
This deep-tissue massage with lemongrass uses long, kneading strokes with thumb and palm pressure that focuses on the flow of blood in the urat (veins and arteries).

Fee:  60 minutes/320 MYR; 100 minutes/430 MYR
Traditional Thai Massage
Blending yoga, acupressure, and reflexology, a rocking motion utilizes fingers, palms, elbows, knees, and feet to rejuvenate your entire mind and body.

Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR; 100 minutes/450 MYR
Kahuna Wave Massage
This ancient Polynesian art, resembling the waves of the ocean, will reach into your very core to release hidden memories, unweaving outdated patterns and healing old wounds.

Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR; 100 minutes/450 MYR
Foot Reflexology
Our feet mirror the entire body, with each pressure point linked to a specific organ or gland. Gentle pressure will stimulate their functions, creating a marvelous sensation of head-to-toe relaxation.

Fee: 60 minutes/320 MYR
Time Travelers’ Massage
This treatment provides relief after traveling across time zones, which confuses the body’s internal clock and impairs the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep patterns.

Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR; 100 minutes/450 MYR
Chakra Balancing Aromatic Massage
This massage creates harmony by aligning the subconscious with the physical body.

Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR; 100 minutes/450 MYR
Chi Foot Reflexology
Our feet mirror the entire body, with each pressure point linked to a specific organ or gland. Gentle pressure will stimulate their functions, creating a marvelous sensation of head-to-toe relaxation.

Fee: 60 minutes/320 MYR
Hot Rock Massage
Used for thousands of years by Native Americans, this massage frees the body and mind of physical and spiritual impurities. The smooth volcanic stones radiate soothing heat, melting away tension and restoring balance.

Fee: 100 minutes/450 MYR
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Utilizing very light pressure, the subtle stimulation of lymph nodes redirects fluid away from congested areas, eliminating potential edemas, encouraging natural flow throughout the body, and detoxifying and strengthening the immune system.

Fee: 50 minutes/350 MYR
Lomi Ke Ala Hoku Massage
Practiced for thousands of years by Hawaiian shamans, this massage is performed by two therapists sweeping their forearms across your body.

Fee: 60 minutes/555 MYR; 100 minutes/745 MYR
Pregnancy Massage
Focused on helping mothers-to-be relax, this massage helps relieve muscle spasms and cramps while promoting blood circulation.
Fee: 60 minutes/340 MYR

Recreation & Entertainment

Drift into an emotionally inspiring journey where you will discover yourself. This treatment balances your chakras and aligns your senses and energy.

Fee: 2.5 hours/1150 MYR (per couple)
Bliss Ritual
Awaken your senses and rejuvenate with potent plant-derived ingredients. Their antioxidant powers will leave you glowing in a noticeable transformation.

Fee: 3 hours/960 MYR

Skin Care Services

Skin-Renewing Signature Facial
This anti-aging solution uses stem cells from edelweiss, coneflower, and pennywort, which are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of age spots.

Fee: 60 minutes/380 MYR
Holistic Gemstone Facial
Winner of the 2011 Harper’s Bazaar Spa Award for Most Indulgent Facial, this treatment utilizes the inherent properties of gems to promote the flow of energy in the skin.

Fee: 60 minutes/380 MYR; 90 minutes/525 MYR
Rejuvenating Eminence Facial
Integrating stonecrop, a prehistoric succulent with water-storing leaves, this organic facial rejuvenates your skin with an extra portion of moisture for a supple and radiant look.

Fee: 60 minutes/350 MYR; 90 minutes/515 MYR
Rawatan Seri Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Glow Facial)
Discover a bounty of the Earth’s remedies with an all-natural facial that uses fresh, tropical ingredients selected from our local gardens and blended to create a traditionally inspired beauty ritual that will leave you glowing.

Fee: 60 minutes/330 MYR
Eminence Eye & Lip Treatment
Gentle exfoliation with the tropical enzyme of naseberry followed by a raspberry masque and a cooling cucumber gel will alleviate puffiness and dark circles.

Fee: 30 minutes/190 MYR

Spa Packages

V Signature Ocean Ritual
Winner of the 2012 Harper’s Bazaar Spa Award for Best Oceanic Treatment, this ritual captures the essence of nature with the most potent healing beets of the earth and sea.

Fee: 2.5 hours/750 MYR
V Signature “Song of the Malay Rainforest” Ritual
Rainforest spirits are evoked by this unique ritual that focuses on a sensory journey for every man and woman. Revive your body, mind, and spirit while in a deep meditative state.

Fee: 3 hours/750 MYR