Spa Treatments

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Massage Services

Urut Melayu (Traditional Malay Massage)
This is a deep tissue massage with lemongrass and coconut oil using long kneading strokes with thumb and palm pressure that focuses on the flow of blood in the urat (veins and arteries). Strokes are directed towards the heart (buka urat) aim to invigorate, while strokes going away from the heart (tutup urat) are calming. It also releases wind and discomfort from the body.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350, 90 minutes/ RM450
Traditional Thai Massage
Following a sacred healing tradition, the Thai massage is a unique blend of passive yoga, acupressure and reflexology. Utilizing fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet, our therapists will bring you in yoga-like positions, stretching your muscles, releasing tight joints and increasing your flexibility. Following the energy pathways “sen” in a meditative gentle rocking motion they will release any blockage allowing your energy to freely flow, and rejuvenate your entire body and mind.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350, 90 minutes/ RM450
Kahuna Wave Massage
An ancient Polynesian art, the Kahuna Wave Massage will change the way you move, breath, think and feel. Resembling the waves of the ocean, the gentle rhythmical strokes following a perpetual flowing motion will reach your very core. Releasing hidden memories, unweaving out-dated patterns, and healing old wounds, they will make space for a new beginning, bringing the joy of life to your body, a feeling of peace to your mind, and a sense of wonder to your soul!

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350, 90 minutes/RM450
Time Travellers’ Massage
Travelling across the time zones confuses the body’s internal clock and impairs the production of the hormone Melatonin, which is in charge of sleep patterns. Depending on the length of your journey, it can take several days before your body is able to adjust. Now, there is no need to lose precious vacation time trying to overcome jetlag. The unique “Time Travellers’ Massage” is intended to help you enjoy your stay at the Andaman from the very first minute you arrive. Created by our expert team of therapists, the massage utilises the healing power of pure essential oils and the ancient art of acupressure to help you overcome exhaustion, insomnia and mood swings. Depending on the time of your treatment, you will be either stimulated or decompressed by a beautifully choreographed massage that will help your biological clock to align with the rhythm of the present location.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350, 90 minutes/RM450
Chakra Balancing Massage
There are energy centres located along the spine and can be thought of as personal growth centres that connect your subconscious with your physical body. The Chakra Balancing seeks to create harmony in the Chakra System; a sensory symphony that seamlessly blends gentle touches with the delicious aroma of pure essential oils. Long soothing strokes will relax your body, allowing the powerful substances of carefully selected flowers, seeds and roots to unfold their healing properties. For a truly personalized experience, select an organic aromatic chakra elixir that truly resonates with your needs: Focus, Restore, Calm, Nurture, Attune, Seduce, Awaken.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350, 90 minutes/RM450
Chi Foot Reflexology
Originated in Taoist China 5000 years ago, this unique holistic art is based on the principle that our feet mirror the entire body, with each pressure point being linked to a specific organ or gland. A gentle pressure will stimulate their functions, promoting a natural healing process and harmony within your body creating a marvellous sensation of head-to-toe relaxation.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350
Hot Rock Massage
Used for thousands of years by Native Americans during sweat lodge ceremonies, the Hot Rock Massage will free your body and mind of physical and spiritual impurities. The smooth volcanic stones radiating soothing heat become an extension of your therapist’s hands, melting the tension in each and every muscle, promoting deep relaxation and restoring inner balance.

Fee: 90 minutes/RM450
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Utilizing only a very light pressure, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage focuses on a subtle stimulation of lymph nodes. Precise circular movement redirects fluid away from congested areas, eliminates potential edemas and encourages a natural flow of the lymph throughout the body. Promoting detoxification and strengthening the immune system, you will experience a boost in vitality.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350
Lomi Ke Ala Hoku Massage (4 hands)
Performed for thousands of years by Hawaiian Shamans, the Lomi Ke Ala Hoku Massage is designed to awaken the spirit within the physical body. two therapists will sweep the length of your body in a dance-like motion, enveloping you in rich fragrant oil, with their forearms cascading waves of energy. Unable to follow the flow of four hands wandering all over your body, your mind will surrender. You will experience a deep state of meditation allowing you to re-connect with your very soul.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM555, 90 minutes/RM745
Pregnancy Massage
Other than physical and emotional changes, mothers-to-be often suffer from nausea, stress and strain on muscles and joints during pregnancy. Focused on helping the mother-to-be relax and reduce her stress mentally and physically, this massage helps relieve muscle spasms and cramps while promoting blood circulation that will also help relieve puffy ankles and varicose veins.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM350

Body Treatments

Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub
Buff the skin to perfection with raw sugar cane granules and infuse potent virgin coconut oil to give deep hydration and nutrition. Coconut contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators to restore the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The skin’s hydration replenished for a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Fee: 50 minutes/RM300
Dry Skin Brushing
Dry skin brushing will remove dead skin cells, improve the surface circulation and boost cell renewal. This special technique will stimulate your lymphatic system, encouraging your body to discharge accumulated toxins. Opening up the pores, it is an ideal pre-treatment for a body envelopment or massage, allowing the potent ingredients utilized in these treatments to penetrate and truly nourish your skin.

Fee: 30 minutes/RM110
Lemongrass Kaffir Lime Scrub
The special blend of lemongrass, kaffir lime and rice is an age-old remedy carried down from generation to generation. Enjoy a deliciously bright blend of nourishing, exfoliating and anti-oxidizing ingredients for a superbly softening body buff that helps remove all the dead skin cells from your body leaving you refreshed and beautifully smooth.

Fee: 50 minutes/RM300
Barut Gamat Awet Muda (Regenerating Gamat Body Envelopment)
Surrender yourself to the blend of lemongrass, rice and kaffir lime scrub followed by a wrap blend composed of powerful healing ingredients: gamat (sea cucumber), kencur, galangal and ground rice excellent for lymphatic drainage, detoxification and absorption of potent ingredients. Sea cucumber accelerates the regeneration of cells, bone, collagen and skin. To top off this treatment is a pampering hair & scalp massage with coconut oil and aloe vera.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM395
After Sun & Aloe Wrap
A gentle massage with a special blend of fresh Aloe Vera is gently rubbed to the entire body, face & scalp. The wrap helps to heal, penetrate and soothe the skin leaving you with a pearly glow.

Fee: 50 minutes/RM340


Drift into an emotional inspiring journey where you will discover yourself. The journey begins by balancing your chakras, aligning your senses and energy. This includes:

Sensual Foot Bath
Chakra Balancing Massage
Chi Foot Reflexology
Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap
Love Bathing Ritual
Sparkling wine or Sparkling Juice

Fee: 2.5 hours/ RM1195 (Per Couple)
Awaken your senses and rejuvenate with Potent Plant - Derived ingredients filled with antioxidant power that will leave you glowing and your transformation will not go unnoticed. This includes:

Jasmine Foot Bath
Eminence Pear & Green Apple Sugar Scrub
Lomi Ke Ala Hoku Massage
Holistic Gemstone Facial
Chi Foot Reflexology

Fee: 3 hours/RM980

Spa Packages

V Signature Ocean Ritual
Capture the essence of nature with the most potent healing beets of the earth and sea. Retreat into a ritual of intense, therapeutic transformation. The journey begins by opening the senses and lungs with eucalyptus and the scent of the ocean. Finally, coat your skin with Coconut Firming Body Lotion to protect, heal and restore. This includes:

Ocean Foot Bath
Kahuna Wave Massage
Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub
After Sun & Aloe Wrap
Tropical Organic Mineral Bathing

Fee: 2.5 hours/RM800
V Signature “Song of The Malay Rainforest” Ritual
Evoke the rainforest spirits with this unique ritual that focuses on a sensory journey that puts every man and woman drifting into deep meditative space. This includes:

Rendam-Rendam (Spicy Foot Bath)
Barut Gamat Awet Muda (Regenerating Gamat Body Envelopment)
Mandi Bunga Mambang Sari (Cleansing Lime & Floral Bath)
Urut Melayu (Traditional Malay Massage)
Rawatan Seri Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Glow Facial)
Rainforest Tonic

Fee: 3 hours/ RM800

Skin Care Services

Organic Plant Stem Cell Science Skin-renewing Signature Facial – Anti-aging Solution
Cultivated in the purest lab conditions without soil, this toxin-free product releases the purest, unadulterated form of anti-aging that brings a new level of nutrition. The plant cells are derived from Edelweiss, Coneflower and Pennywort stem cells that are blended for potency. Clinically proven to lift and firm the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin’s smoothness, tone and clarity, significantly improving the skin’s barrier strength while reducing the appearance of age spots.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM380, 90 minutes/RM525
Holistic Gemstone Facial
Employing a set of carefully selected gems, this unique facial treatment will deliver unparalleled results. Jade will drain toxins from the facial tissues, Jasper improves microcirculation, Aventurine calms down potential breakouts, Obsidian balances out an uneven skin tone and Unakite regenerates skin affected by free radicals, encouraging the growth of new skin cells. When heated, the precious stones will relax the tense jaw area and open the pores, allowing powerful antioxidants and organic essential oils to deeply penetrate and nourish the underlying tissue. The contrast of chilled gems will increase the tone and vitality of your skin.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM380, 90 minutes/RM525
Rejuvenating Eminence Facial
Integrating stonecrop, a prehistoric succulent with water-storing leaves, this organic facial rejuvenates your skin with an extra portion of moisture for a supple and radiant look. Pear & poppy seed exfoliate dry dull skin cells and lighten pigmentation spots, while a stimulating massage flowed by an intensely hydrating stone crop masque will plump your skin from inside-out, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. Exotic vanilla sunscreen with SPF 32 will preserve your fresh look as you head to the beach to enjoy the tropics. For a complete make-over, opt for the longer version with a unique gauze-pulling technique that lifts and gently sculpts the contours of your face into the youthful V-shape.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM360
Rawatan Seri Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Glow Facial)
Discover the bounty of the Earth’s remedies with a natural facial that uses fresh tropical ingredients selected from our local gardens, blended to create this traditionally inspired beauty ritual. Begin with cleanser using yoghurt blend, lime and cucumber juice toner, followed by an almond and oatmeal scrub, a luxurious massage with raw organic coconut oil and a mask infused with avocado and cucumber into our delicious experience.

Fee: 60 minutes/RM330
Eminence Eye & Lip Treatment
Gentle exfoliation with the tropical enzyme of naseberry followed by a naseberry masque and a cooling cucumber gel will alleviate puffiness and dark circles. A rejuvenating wild plum cream will boost elasticity and smooth away fine lines, nourishing the delicate skin and lifting the contours of your eyes. The enzymatic pulp of a pineapple gently dissolves the dry skin flakes on the surface of your lips while rich shea butter and avocado masque will nourish and stimulate natural collagen production. Aiding in moisture and shine, the citrus balm will lend your lips a voluptuous, youthful look - perfect for passionate kisses under the tropical sky. An excellent add-on would be the Rejuvenating Éminence Facial or a massage of your choice.

Fee: 30 minutes/RM200

Bath Treatment

Tangas (V Intimate Steam Bath)
A steam of sacred herbs to detoxify the uterus and help women with menstrual cramps, pain from inflammatory conditions, bladder infections, kidney and fertility issues. It’s a do-it-yourself steam with open-seated stool, boiler and herbs.

Fee: 20 minutes/100 MYR
Mandi Bunga Mambang Sari (Cleansing Lime & Floral Bath)
In Malay tradition, lime is the tangible link to the forces of the spiritual world, so bathing in lime represents a symbolic relief of unwanted negative elements. Indulge in an inspiring bath combined with kaffir limes, pandanus, and betel leafs. This bath is believed to purge out illness and impurities.

Fee: 20 minutes/RM195
Love Bathing Ceremony
Love potion and rose petals with complimentary sparkling juice or sparkling wine and exotic fruit skewers.

Fee: 30 minutes/RM375

Bathing ceremonies may also be enjoyed in the hotel room or suite.

Service Charge

All prices are subject to a 10% services charge.
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