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Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments


60 MINS - 80€ / 90 MINS - 115€

This massage combines the use of hands and forearms in long strokes to mobilize skin and muscle fibers increasing blood flow as well as mental and physical relaxation.


75 MINS / 125€

Originating in Japan, this massage technique uses finger pressure to work on the acupuncture channels and energy points of the body.

Discovery Massage

90 MINS / 175€

A Signature Treatment by Explore Spa This massage created exclusively by Explore Spa is a fusion of three classic therapies: Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage and will produce a deep sense of revitalization.

Deep Tissue

60 MINS / 90€

Designed for those who experience discomfort, stiffness and pain in their bodies, this treatment deeply relaxes muscles to provide comfort and relaxation. A further benefit is the release of endorphins, natural pain relievers which create a positive feeling of well-being.

Stone Massage

90 MINS / 150€

Millenary therapy that combines traditional massage with the application on energy channels (the chakras) of volcanic stones. The heat, slowly released by the stones, relaxes the muscles, reduces pain, offers good results in cases of anxiety. At the same time, the contrast of cold stones, especially in the legs, leads to a feeling of lightness and total well-being.


90 MINS / 150€

This massage has always been considered a spiritual practice closely connected to the teachings of Buddha. Originating in Thailand but with roots in India, it is a deep body therapy which helps restore life energy, increase flexibility, improve blood flow and eliminate stress.

Massage For Two

60 MINS - 175€ / 90 MINS - 235€

Champagne and chocolate provide a delicious welcome to a relaxing Swedish massage for two. This option is a fun way to enjoy the benefits of massage together in the comfort of the same cabin.

Mother To Be

60 MINS / 85€

To help future mothers take the best care of themselves and their baby from the 3rd month of pregnancy onward, this massage combines the fantastic benefits of Mama Mio products with massage techniques especially designed for mothers-to-be.


60 MINS / 70€

This massage is based on the concept that all of the internal organs of the body are reflected in the soles of the feet. The benefits gained from reflexology include emotional and physical improvement, tension release and overall well-being.


60 MINS / 75€

Lymphatic drainage restores the lymphatic system, which is crucial for an effective immune system. This technique is ideal for those who suffer from circulation problems or fluid retention.