Spa Otomí Massages

Otomí Signature Massage

Restore body and mind with the harmonizing power of ancient healing traditions. Slow rhythms and enchanting lomilomi movements balance energy. Warm poultices are followed by a head and neck massage. 80 minutes

Do Xämpa Hot Stones Massage
Heat from smooth stones penetrates the body. This massage relaxes muscles, facilitates the flow of energy, and releases stress and tension. 80 minutes
Customized Massage
Escape the stress of everyday life and allow your massage therapist to customize your treatment.
Entry Spa Experience Massage
Focusing on the neck, shoulders, and back, this massage soothes tight, sore muscles, releases tension, and improves circulation. 30 minutes
Rohñu Mommy-To-Be Massage
This pregnancy massage is specially designed to provide relief for tired muscles, particularly in the legs and lower back. Improved oxygenation and blood circulation are greatly beneficial for both mother and child. 50 minutes
Ñuni Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are said to work on one’s mind, physiology, and emotions. Their calming and comforting effects will leave you feeling rested and refreshed. 50 minutes / 80 minutes
Blue Agave Candlelight Massage
Made from vegetable extracts and local herbs, a candle captivates senses with its light aroma when heated. The resulting oil enhances absorption during the massage, and its warmth prolongs the herbal benefits. 80 minutes
Beach Massage Cabana
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