Best Swiss mountain hotel: W Verbier

Rue de Médran 70, Verbier 1936 Switzerland
+41 27 472 88 88

The Beach @ Place Blanche

The Ultimate Swiss Mountain Escape

Imagine a white sandy beach with a cool lounge atmosphere surrounded by unparalleled views of the Swiss Alps and pulsating DJ beats. Welcome to the Beach @ Place Blanche. Active sport enthusiasts, beach fans and music lovers will not miss the hot summer program taking place from mid-June until the end of September at W Verbier, one of the best Swiss mountain hotels.

W Off Piste on The Beach, is center–stage for thrill–seeking mountain enthusiasts and a hot spot to experience what’s new/next. The Beach is open all along summer, on sunny days, from 11:30am to 7pm.

This Summer At W Verbier

Exterior Facilitites
Beach volley ball, beach soccer, table tennis, foosball, playground for kids and trampoline are some of the facilities available every day on “The Beach”.
Morning Yoga
Fuel Your Workout. Starting July 1rst, weekly morning yoga sessions await every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 11am on the Beach.

To rise and shine, sign up with Away Spa 24 hours before:

Tel: 027 472 88 90
Cuisine & Cocktails
Fuel Your Body. W Verbier brings the inside outside at W Off Piste. Indulge in a fresh and seasonal menu with Mediterranean and Thaï accents comfortably seated in the large garden of W Off Piste.

Enjoy a lazy sunny get-togethers with the mountain as backdrop. Sit back in a deck chair on the sand and sip cocktails, cooling beers and freeze rosé.
Live Music
Adam likes to mix modern DJ beats and classic pop tunes to create a perfect atmosphere. Hang out in the lounge and enjoy various music beats from our Resident DJ.

And if you’d like something special, just ask!
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