Float In Cinema

Float in for blockbusters and classic flicks as WET® Deck is transformed into a playful cinema to round out the summer.

In an exclusive first, W Brisbane is making a splash as it transforms its level four riverside oasis - WET Deck, into a floating cinema, inviting guests to literally Float In and catch their favourite flick on the big screen.

Continuing to curate unrivalled experiences for hotels guests and locals alike, W Brisbane has teamed up with Openair Cinemas to program five weeks of popular movies as part of the ‘Float In Cinema’ series. Launching with Baywatch (The Movie) on Tuesday 25 February, the full programming schedule each Tuesday evening features movies with iconic water scenes to match WET Deck’s aquatic surrounds.

Float In Cinema Program

Check out details on the Float In Cinema Program.


Further Info

7PM ‘recliner seating’ time for a 7:30PM movie start time.

Tickets start from $25 per person. Rain, hail or shine this ‘open air’ event can go on with a rooftop in place to protect you from the elements!

Dress code: summer vibes, resort attire or swimwear (if you want to slide off your recliner into the pool you are more than welcome, plush towels provided for drying and warmth!). Shoes to come off with cloakroom access provided.

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