Imperial Torte

Legend has it that a kitchen apprentice created the Imperial Torte in honour of Emperor Franz Josef I on the occasion of the Hotel Imperial’s opening in 1873. Though the recipe is a closely guarded secret, so much can be revealed by its taste: fine milk chocolate is accented by the delicate bitterness of almonds, while marzipan and cacao cream are a perfect complement to the irresistible creation. The chocolate filling is applied between 6 crispy layers made out of almonds, sugar and egg white. Then, the cake is covered with marzipan and glazed with milk chocolate.

A more recent version of the classic is the Schwarze Orange, added to the menu in March 2009. The six crispy layers filled with chocolate/coffee cream are encased in dark chocolate and blend deliciously with delicious orange marzipan.

The Imperial Torte consists only of natural ingredients. Cooled, the confectionery has a shelf life of 8 weeks. The Imperial Torte is available in 4 sizes and as Petit Fours. Together with other specialities of the house - Imperial Tea No. 26, Imperial Coffee Mélange, Imperial Chocolate Selection and various sets - it makes a welcome gift for special occasions.

A corporate logo or name can be embossed or burnt into the elegant wooden box and lends a distinctive, personal touch. We will be pleased to ship to customers around the globe.

Tortenboutique Shop

Visit our lovely Tortenboutique Shop to taste the famous Imperial Torte. Among other things, you will also find our exclusive gift sets and hand-made chocolates.