Kisso Japanese Restaurant

Hours of Operation

06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM
06:00 PM–10:30 PM 12:00 PM–02:30 PM



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+66 2 207 8130

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If you’re looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Kisso is a must try. Our sumptuous salmon dishes, Japanese bento set and sushi delights are sure to whet your appetite.

Dining at Kisso is as close as it comes in Bangkok to a full-spectrum restaurant experience in Japan. Taking “To Everything A Season” as its guiding principle, Kisso lives by a passionate mission to echo the authentic flavors and capture the essence of Japanese winter, spring, summer and fall with Seasonal Menus. Each meticulously prepared dish is based on the availability of prime ingredients that are to an extraordinary extent imported ocean- and farm-fresh from Japan several times weekly.

Thoughtfully balanced interiors complement the atmosphere with a contemporary play on the classic “wabi-sabi” design school. Add this to the décor of our traditional rustic wood doors and lustrous sliding panels, and you get the very best in Japanese fine dining Bangkok’s other restaurants can’t match.

Closed-door lunches and dinners are a Kisso specialty, and that goes whatever your cultural preferences. With 4 spacious and subtly Japanese styled private dining rooms, the doors only slide together and apart for your guests and our servers. Choose from two Japanese-style rooms of 12 seats each (connectable as single room holding 24 guests) and two Western rooms of 10 seats each. Please note that reservations are recommended.