Piri Piri Steakhouse




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While the name 'piri-piri' quite literally means 'pepper-pepper' in the African language of Swhaili, the hot chili pepper itself was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by Christopher Columbus, one of his New World discoveries.

Portuguese traders then took the fiery seed to their colonies in Angola and Mozambique, and today, with roots from America to Africa, Piri-Piri Chicken is one of Portugal's most famous culinary dishes, a featured item in this inviting and casually relaxed restaurant.

With a menu showcasing the very best gourmet meat grills and Portuguese cuisine, guests will dine on a variety of tempting dishes. A five-minute walk from the hotel's main building, Piri Piri is set amidst a pinewood forest with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Its spacious interiors feature high ceilings allowing for a tremendous welcoming space within as well as an intimate and romantic outdoor setting, under the iconic pine trees of the resort.