Dr. Zhivago

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The place is about to prove that Russian cuisine can be modern and this restaurant following a purely Russian concept appears to be surprisingly fashionable and stylish. Just in weeks Dr. Zhivago became extremely popular not only with tourists but also with locals – a reservation required at least a week in advance.

This new successful spot on the gastronomic map of Moscow was created by restaurateur Alexander Rappoport on the ground floor of the legendary Hotel Nacional. Since the spot is just a short walk from the Red Square and is surrounded by top hotels such as Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Metropol, it came as no surprise that this corner of Mokhovaya and Tverskaya streets has been chosen for the restaurant's location. Where else would foreigners enjoy the cultural experience of Russia better than sitting at the window with a splendid view of the Kremlin, eating Russian food? However, Mr.Rappoport is taking the concept way further than simply continuing the tradition. Just another Russian restaurant is not his intention. He has created an amazingly beautiful place with some delightful atmosphere, where art pieces are organically woven into modern interior, mixed with strong yet lovely Soviet touch. The snowy white hall of the restaurant welcomes guests with the paintings of the most prominent Soviet artists such as Malevich and Petrov-Vodkin, and the legendary Ruby Star crowns the gold ceiling.

However, the food has nothing to do with the limits and modesty of the Soviet times. To the contrary, you can feel the breathe of luxury and depth of history in the menu. Dr. Zhivago's team takes it seriously when it comes to Russian cuisine as a big part of the national culture. You'll experience a real adventure with these gastronomic references to the different stages of Russian history. Even the dishes that every Russian remembers from the early childhood sound differently here, turned into a real delicacy. The chef adds some unexpected details into every dish creating a fresh witty variation of the classic recipes and giving each of them a luxurious twist.

*Ladies and gentlemen! Please note that cafe Dr.Zhivago kindly asks you to follow our dress code. Sportswear and beach clothes are not acceptable. Thanks for understanding!