Le Méridien Vienna

Robert-Stolz-Platz 1, Vienna 1010 Austria
+43 1 588900




Dress code

Smart Casual


+43 1 588908890

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You. Is spontaneous, nothing planned, everything possible.

Fun by the plate, coolness by the glass, music that´s hand-picked.
What else the evening holds in store?

Lean back and indulge.

An exceptional place for relaxed enjoyment, laid-back and surprisingly sparkling.
Quiet niches with plush, pillowed benches closer to the ground and velvet-upholstered furniture provide a great sense of comfort. Ruled by dark Green, brass and mirrors.

A place full of joie de vivre and international flare. Where music becomes ritual, and the DJ is who sets the tone for the night. Stimulating and inspiring.

Incorporating local produce and the finest ingredients, cuisine boasts innovative dishes and taste adventures. Will it be Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Arabic, or Viennese? An exciting journey of culinary exploration is waiting.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Spicy Sashimi, Ravioli Alba Regina, Moroccan Lemon-Chicken, Brazilian Feijoada, Red Octopus, Thai Curry, Vietnamese Pho and compelling vegetarian tidbits!
A must - burned chocolate as signature dish.

Menu changing all 3 months.

Tasty and sparkling long drinks, colorful presentations, and handcrafted cocktails.
Why not chilling out with a frozen Margerita. YOU.'ll give it everything you´ve got.
Are you ready?

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