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マーケットプレイス (The Market)

Selection of snacks and drinks available purchase.

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Other, 1.5 MILES

cafe&bakery Tiny(タイニー)

Menu : Freshly baked bread

Japanese, 0.2 MILES

嬉々 (Kiki)

Menu : grilled fish, sashimi, a la carte menus

Japanese, 0.2 MILES

和 - なごみ - (Nagomi)

Menu : Kushiage (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), fried chicken

Japanese, 0.1 MILES

割烹 たんご (Tango)

Menu : sashimi, fried fish, tempura, salad

Japanese, 0.1 MILES

酒菜 禅 (Shusai Zen)

Menu : grilled fish, sashimi, tempura, kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), rice dishes

Japanese, 0.1 MILES

鯛工房 (Taikobo)

Menu : seafood dishes and a la carte menus

Italian, 0.2 MILES


Menu : full course Italian meals

Japanese, 0.2 MILES

料亭ふみや (Ryotei Fumiya)

Menu : full course meals, hot pot, seafood shabu shabu

Japanese, 0.2 MILES

うどん処大門 (Udon Dokoro Daimon)

Menu : soba, udon

Japanese, 0.4 MILES

海鮮かわさき (Kaisen Kawasaki)

Menu : seafood donburi, set meals (grilled fish, sashimi, fried fish)

Japanese, 0.5 MILES

富田屋 (Tondaya)

Menu : set meals (grilled fish, boiled fish, tonkatsu, tempura), hot pot, sashimi, stir fried vegetables

Japanese, 0.1 MILES

海味鮮やま鮮 (Umisen Yamasen)

Menu : set meals of grilled fish, seafood with rice

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