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Lobby Seating

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Club Level Guest Room - High Floor
Club Level- Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room - Bedroom
King Guest Room
Guest Room - Work Space
Guest Room Work Desk
Guest Bathroom
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-In Shower
Accessible Bathroom - Bathtub


Aster Suite - Living Area
Aster Suite - Bedroom
Aster Suite - Dining Area
Aster Suite - Bathroom
Alexander Suite - Living Area
Alexander Suite - Bedroom
Alexander Suite - Dining Area
Alexander Suite - Kitchen
Alexander Suite - Bathroom
Alexander Suite - Bathroom
Executive King Suite - Living Room
Luxury King Suite
Luxury King Suite

Services & Amenities

Club Lounge
Club Lounge Seating


Grand Staircase


Gather Bar
RENdezvous Café
RENdezvous Cafe
RENdezvous Café - Seating Area
Rendezvous Cafe - Seating
Sam & Harry's Steakhouse - Seating
Sam & Harry's Steakhouse - Wine Room
Sam & Harry's Steakhouse - Bisque
Sam & Harry’s Steakhouse - Filet
The Terrace Lounge
Sangria Bar
A La Carte - Grab-&-Go

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center
Shoreline Stroll

Events & Meetings

Perfection Boardroom - Parlor Seating Area
Perfection Boardroom
Convention Center - Exhibition Space
Convention Center Space
Convention Center Possibilities
Convention Center - Setup
Convention Center Ballroom – Ice Reception
Convention Center Ballroom – Meetings Imagined
Convention Center - Wonderland Setup
Convention Center Ballroom - Meeting Imagined
Heavenly Hallway
Schaumburg Ballroom - Pre-Function Space
Schaumburg Ballroom
Schaumburg Ballroom
Inspiration Boardroom
Nirvana Ballroom - Pre-Function
Nirvana Ballroom Foyer
Catering - Desserts


South Asian Wedding Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Sam & Harry’s Steakhouse
Sam & Harry’s Steakhouse - Cocktail Hour
RENdezvous Café - Cocktail Hour
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