AC Hotel Cincinnati at The Banks

135 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA
+1 513-744-9900

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Hotel Views

Valet Entrance
Front Desk

Guest Rooms

King River View Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room
King Accessible Guest Room
Queen Queen Balcony Guest Room
King Guest Room
QueenQueen Guest Room - Riverview
King Room with Balcony
Guest Room River View
King or Queen/Queen Guest Room Balcony View
King or Queen/Queen Guest Room View
Guest Room Balcony River View
Room Amenities
Accessible Bathroom
Gues Room - Bathroom


Queen/Queen Suite - Sleeping Area
Queen/Queen Suite
King Suite Guestroom
King Suite Living Room
King Suite Living Area
King Suite Bathroom


AC Library
Hydration Station
AC Store
Lobby Art


AC Lounge
AC Lounge
AC Lounge
AC Lounge - The Signature Gintonic
AC Kitchen - Buffet
AC Kitchen - Dining Area
Berkel Slicer
AC Upper Deck
Upper Deck - The Smoked Manhattan
Upperdeck - Riverview
Upperdeck - Summer Season Weekly Fireworks Display
Upper Deck - Signature food
Lounge Cocktails
Upper Deck - Sangrita Cocktail

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center

Events & Meetings

King Suite - Bedroom
Media Salon 2
AC Forum Meeting Room - Conference Setup
Media Salon Meeting Rooms - Amenity Tray
Forum Meeting Room - Amenity Tray
Forum Meeting Room - Banquet Setup
Forum Meeting Room - U-Shape Setup
Forum Meeting Coffee Break
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