Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong Hong Kong
+852 2810 8366

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Hong Kong Luxury Hotel
Hong Kong Luxury Hotel

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Guest Room - City View
King Premier Guest Room - City View
King Executive Guest Room


JW Marriott's luxurious Suite
JW Suite - Living Room

Services & Amenities

Hong Kong Hotel Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge
New Executive Lounge Upper Level
Executive Lounge


The Lounge - Buffet Station
Bar Q88
Bar Q88 - Timeless Cobbler cocktail
authentic Cantonese cuisine
Man Ho Chinese Restaurant
Authentic Cantonese cuisine, Man Ho
Chinese Dim Sum
JW Marriott Hong Kong JW Cafe
JW Café
JW Cafe Private Dining
JW Café – Private Dining
Noodle Bar at JW Café
JW Café - Noodle Bar
JW Cafe signature Chinese specialties
JW Café - Chinese Delicacies
Best Brunch in Hong Kong
The Lounge – Champagne & Caviar
pool restaurant in Hong Kong
Fish Bar
Poolside restaurant in HK
Fish Bar - Australian Kinkawooka Mussels
Signature Flying Fish Cocktail
Fish Bar - Signature Flying Fish Cocktail
Pool Lounge
Outdoor Pool Lounge
Hong Kong pool lounge
Outdoor Pool Lounge
Dolce 88
Dolce 88

Recreation & Fitness

Hotel outdoor swimming pool
Outdoor Pool
Hong Kong Health Club
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Hong Kong Skyline
BIG BUS - Discover Hong Kong
Ocean Park

Events & Meetings

Function Room
Upscale Hong Kong Meeting Facilities
Executive Meeting Suite
JW Ballroom Foyer
JW Ballroom - Corporate Banquet
JW Marriott Ballroom


JW Wedding Reception
JW Ballroom - Wedding Reception
JW Ballroom - Wedding Banquet
Chinese wedding hotel banquet
Ballroom – Chinese Banquet Set-up
Wedding Banquet - Table Setup
Wedding Reception - Centrepiece
Hong Kong Wedding Solemnisation
Outdoor Poolside Wedding Ceremony Setup
Hong Kong Wedding giveaways
Wedding Desserts
Hotel wedding menus in HK
Wedding - Catering Details
Wedding banquet in Hong Kong
Wedding - Catering Details
Western wedding dish
Wedding - Western Dish
Customised wedding cake in HK
Wedding Cake

JW Marriott® Hotel Hong Kong