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Lobby Area at The Mayflower Jakarta


One-Bedroom Deluxe Apartment - Living Room
One-Bedroom Deluxe Apartment - Bedroom
One-Bedroom Executive Apartment - Living Area
One-Bedroom Superior Apartment - Bedroom
One-Bedroom Superior Apartment - Living Area
One-Bedroom Apartment - Kitchen
Three-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
Three-Bedroom Suite - Master Bedroom
Two-Bedroom Executive Apartment - Master Bedroom
Two-Bedroom Deluxe Suite - Master Bedroom
Apartment - Guest Bedroom
Guest Bathroom
Apartment - Work Area
Walk-in Closet
Modern Fully-Fitted Kitchen


The Café
The Café - Live Station
The Café - Buffet

Recreation & Fitness

Jacuzzi with a view
Indoor Whirlpool


The Spa treatment room
The Spa - Treatment Suite
The Spa at The Mayflower Jakarta
The Spa - Traditional Spa Treatment
Spa Treatment at The Spa
Rejuvenating Spa Treatment
The Mayflower Jakarta Sauna
The Spa - Sauna Room

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