930 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90024 USA
+1 310-208-8765

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Welcome Desk
The Backyard


King Mega Suite
King WOW Suite
King Fabulous Suite
King WOW Suite
Spectacular King Suite Bedroom
WOW Suite
Spectacular Suite
Spectacular Suite Living Room Desk
Spectacular Suite Living Room
Spectacular Suite Living Room
Fantastic Parlor
Fabulous Suite
Fabulous Suite
Fabulous Suite Bedroom
Wow Suite
Mega Suite
Suite Bedroom
Suite Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Living Room
Living Room Bar


Airstream Bar & EWOW Cabana
STK Los Angeles private dining room
STK Los Angeles dining room
STK Los Angeles
STK Los Angeles Bar
Living Room Bar
Living Room Bar
The Hideout
Live Music Performance
Living Room Bar
Living Room Bar - Entrance

Recreation & Fitness

Wet Deck
Wet Deck
Wet Deck
Wet Deck
Wet Deck
Wet Deck
Fitness Center
WET® Outdoor Heated Pool


STK Los Angeles - Restaurant Detail
Living Room Bar - Music Series
REPRISE Music Series
REPRISE Music Event
REPRISE with Madame Ghandi

Events & Meetings

Strategy Boardroom
Terrace Reception
Studio One - Reception
Studio One - Classroom Meeting
Studio Two - Conference
Studio Three - U-Shape Meeting
Studio Three - Social