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Front Desk


Double/Double Suite
Double/Double Suite
King Suite
King Suite
Suite - Living Area
Suite - Work Area
Suite - Trundle Bed
Suite - Amenities
Suite - Bathroom
Suite Bathroom - Walk-In Shower


Communal Table
Business Center
Las Cruces Hotel Business Center
Business Center
The Market
Hotel Market in Las Cruces
The Market
Guest Laundry
Fire Pit


breakfast plate with hard boiled eggs, cured meats, cheeses, and flaky croissant
Complimentary Breakfast Buffet Options
Eggs Your Way
Oatmeal Designed by You
Yogurt Your Way

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool & Hot Tub
Fitness Center
Las Cruces Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Local area & Organ Mountains
San Albino Church Las Cruces
San Albino Church
La Posta Restaurant Las Cruces
La Posta Restaurant
Old Town Mesilla Las Cruces
Old Town Mesilla
White Sands Las Cruces
White Sands National Monument
Whole Enchilada Las Cruces
Whole Enchilada Festival
 Renaissance Craftfaire Las Cruces
Renaissance Craftfaire
Cinco de Mayo Las Cruces
Cinco de Mayo
Las Cruces Golf
Las Cruces Golf
Las Cruces Golf
On the Green
Stahmann Farms Pecans Las Cruces
Stahmann Farms

Events & Meetings

Parliament Meeting Room A - Classroom Setup
Las Cruces Meeting Room
Meeting Room
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