11000 Westwood Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32821 USA
+1 407-313-3600

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Residence Inn Orlando Exterior
Orlando Hotel, SeaWorld Hotel
Front Desk


Queen/Queen Studio Suite
Studio Queen Suite
Family Suite
One-Bedroom Suite
Two-Bedroom Suite
Suite Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Main Gate Transportation Bus


Business Center
Food, Beverages
The Market
Barbecue Area
Barbecue Grill


Castaway Pool Bar & Grill
Restaurant, Orlando hotel
Dining Room
Breakfast Area
Breakfast Area
Three Cheese Roasted Turkey Wrap
Castaway Taco Salad
Free Hot Breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast - Yolk or No Yolk? You Choose
Fresh Waffles & Toppings
Complimentary Breakfast - Your Perfect Waffle

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool - Evening
Outdoor Pool
Sport Court
Sport Court
Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

The Orlando Eye
The Orlando Eye
Residence Inn SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando®
SeaWorld Hotel, Orlando Hotel
SeaWorld Orlando®

Events & Meetings

Citrus Room
Citrus Room
Meeting Space
Suite Meeting Space


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Residence Inn® by Marriott® Orlando at SeaWorld®