AC Hotel Murcia

Avenida Juan Carlos I, 39, corner with C/Fernando Alonso Navarro,, Murcia 30009 Spain
+34 968 27 42 50

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Hotel Views

Hotel entrance in murcia
Murcia Business Hotel
Front Desk
swimming pool in Murcia hotel
Outdoor Terrace

Guest Rooms

standard rooms in ac hotel murcia
Queen Guest Room
hotel standard rooms
Queen Guest Room – Sitting Area
ac hotel murcia by marriott room
Queen Guest Room - Amenities
standard rooms with twin beds
Twin/Twin Guest Room – Sleeping Area
twin rooms in murcia hotel
Twin/Twin Guest Room – Amenities
Murcia hotel with deluxe rooms
Standard Plus Room - Sleeping Area
Hotel with deluxe room
Standard Plus Room
Murcia hotel with deluxe rooms
Standard Plus Room - Amenities
Deluxe room in Murcia
Standard Plus Room - Shower
AC Hotel murcia Triple rooms
Triple Guest Room
hotel bathrooms in murcia city
Guest Bathroom Vanity
Murcia Hotel Guest Rooms
Guest Bathroom
Bathroom Standard Room in Murcia
Guest Bathroom
accessible bathroom AC Hotel Murcia
Accessible Guest Bathroom


AC Hotel murcia standard rooms
Junior Suite
murcia hotel junior suites
Junior Suite – Sleeping Area
Junior suites in murcia city
Junior Suite – Sitting Area
Junior suites in Murcia city
Junior Suite – Amenities
Murcia junior suites
Junior Suite – Amenities
Murcia hotel with suites
King Suite – Sleeping Area
hotel with suites in murcia
King Suite – Living Area
Suites living room in Murcia
King Suite – Dining Area
ac hotel murcia connecting rooms
King Suite – Amenities
suites in murcia city hotel
King Suite – Amenities


hotel library in murcia
Business Centre


Murcia Business Hotel
hotel bar in Murcia
Lounge Bar
Bar in Murcia Hotel
Lounge – Sitting Area
bar in murcia city
Lounge – Sitting Area
Murcia Business Hotel
Breakfast Restaurant
Breakfast buffet hotel
Breakfast – Dining Area
Hotel breakfast buffet in Murcia
Breakfast Buffet
Murcia hotels with breakfast room
Breakfast Buffet

Recreation & Fitness

Pool Terrace
Turkish Bath
Fitness centre in murcia hotel
Fitness Centre
Fitness centre AC Hotel Murcia by Marriott
Fitness Centre

Nearby Attractions

Cathedral in Murcia city
Catedral de Murcia
Capilla de los Velez Murcia
Capilla de los Velez

Events & Meetings

Meeting rooms in Murcia
Forum Meeting Room – Classroom Setup
Forum meeting room in AC Hotel Murcia
Forum Meeting Room – U-Shape Setup
Meeting rooms in Murcia hotel
Forum A Meeting Room – Classroom Setup
ac hotel Meeting rooms
Forum B Meeting Room – Classroom Setup
Forum B meeting rooms
Forum B Meeting Room – Boardroom Setup
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