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Front Desk
Lobby - Views
Lobby Dining Area
Lobby - Seating Area

Guest Rooms

Guest Room - Ocean View
Guest Room - Ocean View
Guest Room - Pool View
Double/Double Guest Room
King Guest Room
Corner King Guest Room
Guestroom Bathroom


One-Bedroom Suite - King Bedroom
One-Bedroom Suite - Dining Area
One-Bedroom Suite
One-Bedroom Suite - View


The Bistro Bar
The Bistro Bar
Sip on handcrafted cocktails as you socialize with loved ones and travel companions in our spacious lobby bar. Relax in the lounge as you meet with friends and make new ones.
Lobby Bar Lounge
Relax and recharge in our Lobby Bar Lounge. With complimentary Wi-Fi and an assortment of delightful drinks, we make it easy to enjoy yourself after a busy day.
Lobby Bar Lounge - Seating Area

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Downtown Nassau
Downtown Nassau
Junkanoo Beach
Fish Fry

Events & Meetings

Courtyard Ballroom - Theater Setup
Courtyard Ballroom - Banquet Setup
Board Room - Conference Setup


Beach Wedding Setup
Beach Wedding Setup
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