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Exterior hotel in Zizur Mayor
Hotel entrance in pamplona
Reception hotel in Zizur

Guest Rooms

Queen Standard Room
Twin/Twin Standard Room
Zizur hotel with family rooms
Family Guest Room – Amenities
Standard room in Pamplona
Standard Queen Guest Room
Zizur rooms
Standard Twin/Twin Guest Room
Hotel Standard rooms in Zizur
Standard Guest Room Amenities
family rooms in Zizur
Family Guest Room – Sleeping Area
Pamplona hotel city rooms
Standard Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom


Junior Suite
Zizur Mayor Junior Suite
Junior Suite
Junior Suites in Pamplona
Junior Suite Sleeping Area
Junior Suite rooms in Zizur Mayor
Junior Suite Work Desk
Hotel with Junior Suites
Junior Suite Living Area
Hotel in Zizur Mayor with Junior Suites
Junior Suite Amenities
Junior suite in Navarra
Junior Suite Bathroom


Hotel in Zizur with Market
City hotel with business corner
Business Corner


Hotel with Lounge in Zizur
AC Lounge
Zizur Hotel with Lounge
AC Lounge Seating Area
Hotel in Zizur with Lounge
AC Lounge Seating Area
Hotels in Pamplona with lounge
AC Lounge Coffee Station
Hotel with Breakfast buffet
Breakfast Buffet
Hotel Breakfast buffet in Zizur city
Breakfast Buffet
Hotel in Zizur with Breakfast Buffet
Dining Area
Breakfast buffet in Pamplona city
Dining Area

Recreation & Fitness

Hotel with Fitness center
Fitness Centre

Nearby Attractions

Baluarte in Zizur Navarra
Hotel near Ayuntamiento
Hotel near Ayuntamiento
Hotel near Ensanche de Navarra
Yamaguchi Park near the Hotel
Parque Yamaguchi
Puente de la Magdalena
Puente de la Magdalena
Río Arga in Navarra
Río Arga
Encierros San Fermín in Pamplona
Encierros de San Fermín
Pamplona's Procesión San Fermín
Procesión de San Fermín

Events & Meetings

Exclusive meeting rooms in Pamplona
Hotel with meeting rooms
Forum A Meeting Room
Meeting rooms hotel
Gran Forum Meeting Room Details
Meeting rooms hotel in Zizur
Gran Forum Meeting Room
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AC Hotel by Marriott Zizur Mayor