Residence Inn Portsmouth

1 International Drive, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 USA
+1 603-436-8880

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Front Desk


Studio Suite - Sleeping Area
Studio Suite - Sofa Bed
Studio Suite - Dining & Kitchen Area
Studio Suite - Bathroom With Walk-In Shower
One-Bedroom King Suite - Living Area
One-Bedroom King Suite - Sleeping Area
One-Bedroom King Suite - Sofa Bed
One-Bedroom King Suite - Dining & Kitchen Area
Two Bedroom Suite - Living Room
Two Bedroom Suite - Bedroom
Two-Bedroom Suite - Dining & Kitchen Area
Two-Bedroom Suite Bathroom


Business Center
The Market
Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Patio


Evening Mixer
Breakfast Buffet
It's On - Residence Inn Mix
It's On - Residence Inn Mix™️
Local Flavors - Residence Inn Mix
Local Flavors - Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix
Fresh Waffles & Toppings
Complimentary Breakfast - Your Perfect Waffle

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center
Sport Court®

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