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Front Desk

Guest Rooms

Double/Double Guest Room
King Room with Sofa Bed
King Guest Room - Vanity
Larger Urban King
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom - Amenities
Guest Bathroom - Vanity
Guest Bathroom - Shower
ADA Guest Bathroom - Roll-In Shower
ADA Bathroom with Tub


Business Center
AC Store
AC Store
Hydration Station
Level7 Rooftop Terrace
Rooftop Patio


AC Lounge / Level7
Level7 Seating
Level7 - Seating
Level7 - Event Seating
Level7 Rooftop Bar
Level7 Rooftop Bar
Level7 Outdoor Terrace
Level7 - Cocktails
Level7 - Antipasto Salad
Level7 - Flatbread
AC Kitchen Communal Table
AC Kitchen
AC Kitchen - Buffet
AC Kitchen Croissants
AC Kitchen - Egg Tart Spread
AC Kitchen Meat and Cheese Spread

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Room
Fitness Center - Amenities

Events & Meetings

Meeting Room
Meeting Room - Classroom
Meeting Room - U-Shape
Meeting Room - Round Tables
Corella Meeting Room-U-Shape Set Up
Corella Meeting Space Rounds
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