Rome Marriott Park Hotel

via Colonnello Tommaso Masala, 54, Rome 00148 Italy
+39 06 658821

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Hotel Views

360 views of Marriott Hotel in Rome

Guest Rooms

Larger Guest Room
Rome Marriott Hotel Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Room
Luxury hotel rooms near Rome
Deluxe Room
Rome Marriott Hotel Executive Rooms
Executive Guest Room
Rome accommodation with business facilities
Executive Guest Room
Larger Guest Room - Bathroom
Deluxe Room - Bathroom
Deluxe Room - Bathroom


Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Bathroom
Suite - Bedroom
Suite - Bathroom
Suite - Bathroom
Junior Suite - Bathroom
Rome Marriott Park Hotel Suites
360 views of Luxury accommodation in Rome
Rome Marriott Hotel Junior Suites
Junior Suite
360 views of the Rome Marriott Junior Suite
Junior Suite
Rome Marriott Hotel Presidential Suites
Presidential Suite

Services & Amenities

Executive Lounge


Brasserie Restaurant
360 views of the Lobby Brasserie Restaurants in Rome, Italy
Lobby Brasserie
Hotel Restaurant near Rome
Brasserie Restaurant
Rome Hotel Brasserie Private Room
Brasserie Private Room
Rome Hotel Kalypso Wine Bar
Wine Bar

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool & Poolside Pizzeria
Rome hotel with outdoor pool
Outdoor Pool
Rome hotel with fitness center
Fitness Center


Hotel near Rome with sauna
Finnish Sauna with Chromotherapy
Rome hotel with sauna facilities
Finnish Sauna with Chromotherapy
Rome Marriott Park Hotel's Sauna
Finnish Sauna with Chromotherapy
Rome hotel spa facilities
Rome hotel with spa facilities
Facial Treatment
Rome spa with steam room
Steam Room
Hotel near Rome spa facilities
Couple Sensation Room
Rome hotel spa facilities
Hammam Room
Chromotherapy bathtubs at Our Spa in Rome
Treatment Room
Rome hotel spa facilities
Hydrotherapy Room
Rome hotel spa indoor whirpool
Rome hotel spa facilities
Shiatsu Room

Nearby Attractions

Downtown Rome and the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
The Colosseum
Pantheon in the heart of the Eternal City in Rome, Italy
The Pantheon
Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy
Piazza di Spagna
Piazza Navona and the Rome Christmas market
Piazza Navona
EUR business hotel in Rome
EUR Financial District
Castel Sant’Angelo view from the Tiber river in Rome, Italy
Castel Sant'Angelo
Roman Forum and the Ancient Rome
Roman Forum
Fontana di Trevi and the Dolce Vita in Rome, Italy
Fontana di Trevi
San Pietro and the Vatican City in Rome
Saint Peter and the Vatican City
Piazza Venezia and the Vittoriano in Rome
Piazza Venezia and the Vittoriano

Events & Meetings

Bernini Room
Botticelli Room
Bramante Room - U-Shape Setup
Coffee Break
Wine Bar - Country Setup
Michelangelo Ballroom - Banquet Setup
Michelangelo Ballroom - Cabaret Setup
Tiziano Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Tiziano Ballroom - Theatre Setup
Ballroom for International conferences in Rome, Italy
Tiziano Ballroom
360 views of Tiziano Ballroom
Tiziano Ballroom
360 views of Tiziano Foyer
Tiziano Foyer
Tintoretto meeting rooms in Rome, Italy
Tintoretto Room
360 views of Tintoretto meeting rooms
Tintoretto Room
Conference centres and ballrooms in Europe
Michelangelo Ballroom
Michelangelo Ballroom and conference facilities at the Rome Marriott Hotel
Michelangelo Ballroom
360 views of Michelangelo Foyer
Michelangelo Foyer
Meeting rooms with WIFI Internet service
Bramante Room
360 views of Bramante meeting rooms
Bramante Room
Botticelli Ballroom for corporate functions
Botticelli Ballroom
Rome events venues with WIFI Internet service
Da Vinci Ballroom
360 views of DaVinci Ballroom
Da Vinci Ballroom
Fine dining in Italy Rome
Gala Dinner
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