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Front Desk


One-Bedroom King Suite - Living Area
King Suite
Loft Suite - Living Area
Loft Suite - Bedroom

Services & Amenities

Airport Shuttle (SFO)
Concierge Lounge


Lobby - Tech Lounge
Lobby - Pods
Communal Table
Red Stack Market


CRAFT/CODE Kitchen & Cocktails - Private Dining Room
CRAFT/CODE kitchen & cocktails - Details
CRAFT/CODE kitchen & cocktails - Seating
CRAFT/CODE kitchen & cocktails
Lobby - Bar

Nearby Attractions

Stanford University
Levi's Stadium
California's Great America Theme Park
Half Moon Bay Town
Half Moon Bay State Beach
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Events & Meetings

Synergy 2 - Conference Set-Up
Engage - Reception Set-Up
Convene - Theater Set-Up
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