Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865 Singapore
+65 6735 5800

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Luxury hotel in Singapore

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Twin/Twin Guest Room
5-star hotel room in Singapore
Deluxe Room
Singapore Orchard Road hotel room
Premier Deluxe
Executive Twin/Twin Guest Room
Luxury hotel room in Singapore
Executive Room
Guest room in Singapore hotel
Executive Club
Singapore luxury hotel guest bathroom
Executive Club
Pool Terrace
Luxury Singapore guest room
Pool Terrace
Singapore 5-star hotel room
Pool Terrace
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Executive Club Guest Room - Bathroom


Tang Sok Kiar Suite - Bedroom
Luxury Singapore hotel suite
Premier Suite
Luxury Singapore hotel suite bedroom
Family Suite
Luxury Singapore hotel suite
Tang Sok Kiar Suite
Hotel suite in Singapore
Executive Suite
Singapore hotel suite living room
Executive Suite
Luxury Singapore hotel bathroom
Executive Suite
Tang Sok Kiar Suite - Bathroom


International Restaurant in Singapore
Marriott Cafe
Dining in Singapore
Crossroads Cafe
Orchard Road wine bar Singapore
Crossroads Cafe
Crossroads - Wagyu Burger
Crossroads - Char Hor Fun
Crossroads - Breakfast Platter
Crossroads - T-Bone Steak Frites
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Cantonese cuisine at Singapore restaurant
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant - Peking Duck
Café in Singapore hotel
Crossroads - Chicken Shish Kebab
Marriott Cafe - Gratinated Oysters
Marriott Cafe - Breakfast
Marriott Cafe - Cuisine

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool with Private Cabanas
Fitness Center in Singapore hotel
Fitness Center


Spa in Singapore luxury hotel
Serena Spa

Nearby Attractions

Hotel near Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
Merlion Statue near Singapore hotel
The Merlion Statue
Universal Studio near Singapore hotel
Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore hotel near Orchard Road
Orchard Road
East Coast Park Singapore
East Coast Park
Golf Course in Singapore
Nearby Golfing
Nightlife in Singapore
Nightlife in Singapore
Sentosa Beach Singapore
Sentosa Beach
Changi Beach Park in Singapore
Changi Beach Park
Aoki restaurant cuisine in Singapore
Singapore local transportation
Local Transportation

Events & Meetings

Belimbing Room - Conference Setup
Legacy Suite - Classroom Setup
Lengkuas Room - Rounds Setup
Pillarless ballroom in Singapore
Grand Ballroom
Grand Ballroom in Singapore hotel
Grand Ballroom
Meeting space in Singapore
Grand Ballroom – Boardroom Setup


Aurora Closeup
Aurora Wide
Blooms Closeup
Blooms Wide
Dazzling Diamonds Closeup
Dazzling Diamonds Wide
Golden Moments
Golden Moments Closeup
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