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Front Desk
Lobby - Seating Area
Lobby - Seating


Studio Suite
Studio Suite Living Room
Studio Suite Kitchen
Studio Suite Sleeping Area
One-Bedroom Suite Living Room
One-Bedroom Suite Kitchen
One-Bedroom Suite Bedroom
Two-Bedroom Suite Living Room
Two-Bedroom Suite Kitchen
Two-Bedroom Suite Work Desk
Two-Bedroom Suite Bedroom
Suite Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Complimentary Hotel Shuttle


Business Center
Media Pods
The Market
It's On - Residence Inn Mix
It's On - Residence Inn Mix
Off the Grill - Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix
Local Flavors - Residence Inn Mix
Local Flavors - Residence Inn Mix
Food Trucks - Residence Inn Mix
Residence Inn Mix - Food Trucks


Breakfast Area
Gate House - Seating
Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Bar
Fresh Waffles & Toppings
Complimentary Breakfast - Your Perfect Waffle
Made Fresh All Morning
Complimentary Breakfast - Yogurt, Topped Off
Free Breakfast - Toast with Hard Cooked Eggs

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center - Treadmills
Fitness Center - Nautilus Equipment and Free Weights
Fitness Center - Ellipticals
Fitness Center
Fitness Center - Aerobic Bikes
Fitness Center - Exercise Balls

Nearby Attractions

Washington Masonic National Memorial - View
National Harbor
National Harbor
Alexandria Waterfront
Historic Old Town Alexandria
War Memorial
War Memorial
Old Town Alexandria
Old Town Alexandria
George Washington Masonic Memorial
George Washington Masonic Memorial

Events & Meetings

Duke Room - Boardroom Setup
King Room - U-Shape Setup
King & Prince Meeting Room
Event Catering - Cupcakes and Cannolis
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