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Front Desk
Hotel View of Washington DC
Hotel View of Washington D.C.

Guest Rooms

King Guest Room - West View
King Guest Room - DC View
King Guest Room
Double/Double Guest Room - West View
Double/Double Guest Room - DC View
West View
DC View
Sofa Bed
Guest Room - Amenities
Guest Bathroom
Accessible Bathroom - Tub
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-In Shower


King Suite - Parlor
King Suite - Seating Area
King Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Parlor
Presidential Suite - Seating Area
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Suite Bathroom
Suite Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Sheraton Club Lounge - Breakfast Setup
Sheraton Club Lounge - Evening Snack Setup


Potomac Restaurant
Potomac Bar
Potomac Lounge

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Washington DC
Washington D.C.

Events & Meetings

Stars U Shape Set
Pentagon Social Set
Executive Boardroom
Concourse Crescent Rounds Set
Commonwealth Social Set
Commonwealth Classroom Set
Cavalier Social Set
Cavalier Classroom Set
Commonwealth Ballroom
Commonwealth Ballroom
Stars Ballroom6 th Floor
Stars Ballroom
Arlington Room5 th Floor
Arlington Meeting Room
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