Sheraton Zurich Hotel

Pfingstweidstrasse 100, Zurich 8005 Switzerland
+41 44 285 40 00

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Hotel Views

Zurich West
Lobby Fire Place
Lobby Seating Area

Guest Rooms

Sheraton Room
Sheraton King Guest Room
Twin Sheraton
King Executive
Sheraton Club
Family Room
Bathroom of King Executive and Family Room


Junior Suite
Executive Suite - View
Executive Suite - Living Room
Executive Suite - Bedroom
Junior Suite - Bathroom
Executive Suite - Bathroom 2
Executive Suite - Bathroom 1

Services & Amenities

Sheraton Club Lounge
Lobby Market


Route twenty-six
Restaurant Route twenty-six - Terrace
Route twenty-six Terrace
Route twenty-six table
Restaurant Route Twenty-Six - Breakfast
Route twenty-six Breakfast
Route twenty-six Sunday Roast
Route twenty-six Sunday roast
Route Twenty-Six Steak
Route twenty-six steak
NUOVO Seating Area
NUOVO Cafe& Bar - Terrace
NUOVO Terrace
Mini Desserts
Mini Desserts
Etageres Dessert
Dessert Variations

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Zurich West - Sunrise
Zurich - Skyline
Zurich - Old Town and Limmat River

Events & Meetings

Meeting Room - Wyss
Wyss Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Meeting Room - Escher - Wyss
Escher - Wyss Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Meeting Room - Färberei
Färberei Meeting Room - Boardroom Setup
Meeting Room - Schiffbau
Schiffbau Meeting Room - Conference Setup
Meeting Foyer Hardturm
Meeting Foyer Hardturm
Meeting Room - Hardturm
Hardturm Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Meeting Room - Kreis 5 Boardroom
Kreis 5 - Boardroom
Meeting Room - Viadukt
Viadukt Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
Meeting Room - Escher
Escher Meeting Room - Theater Setup
Hardturm Gala Set Up Close
Hardturm Gala Set Up
Hardturm Gala Details
Hardturm Gala Details
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