Traditional Caique Experience

Set off from the hotel’s own jetty aboard our quintessentially Greek fishing boat and savor a selection of Cretan wines and a platter of cheese locally sourced from dairy farms. The caique sails around the coast of Elounda and around the isle of Spinalonga, which sits right across from Blue Palace. Spinalonga is a National Heritage Monument, non-inhabited islet, with a rich history that uniquely captures the history of Crete itself. 

With impressive relics from the Roman times, Venetian occupation, Ottoman Turks and most recent history as a leper colony, Spinalonga has been immortalized in the best-selling book of Victoria Hislop “The Island”. Its view is truly breathtaking!

The Traditional Caique Experience

Romantic Caique Trip

Spend the evening sailing aboard our traditional caique surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Elounda coast line and Spinalonga island. Set off from the resort's jetty with chilled champagne and chef’s selection of local-flavored treats, for an intimate interlude at sunset.

The Traditional Caique Experience

Cretan Wine Tasting Aboard the Traditional Caique

Get on board with our sommelier, to delight in a wine tasting of the island’s most celebrated wine varieties. Savor the richness of the Cretan earth in wines from small local producers, snack on local full-flavored cheeses and listen to the peaceful sounds of the sea. Take the time to enjoy good company and a wine guide for true submersion into the Cretan wine culture.

Caique Sail & BBQ at Saint Fokas

Embark on a sea adventure around the ruggedly beautiful coastline to unspoiled natural beaches only accessible by boat. Upon the fresh sea breeze awakening your appetite – a lunch break is at the ready. Anchoring in the wonderful beach of Kolokytha, you will be greeted by the byzantine chapel of St. Fokas. Bearing a magnificent story, the chapel invites you to nestle into its history and enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ prepared by our chef, on site.

The Caique Wellness Trip

Whether in search of an active trip or a relaxing yoga session, our spa therapists have the finest wellness and spa services to offer on board. Be exhilarated by the sea air and seduced by the scents of warm earth, wild thyme, sage, dittany, lavender and citrus groves. Intoxicating, even without the fizz, allow the scenery to clear your mind and become one with Crete.

A Caique Fishing Trip

Enjoy a unique fishing experience via the most traditional of methods, in the crystal blue waters of the Mirabello Gulf. Complete fishing equipment is available on board, along with light snacks and refreshments, to keeping endurance and anticipation up as you await your Cretan catch.