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Ball Season in Vienna

Put on your best dress - Polish your shoes - Take this waltz

To all ball-goers and dance fans: Don't miss November 11, when the best time of the year begins in Vienna - the magical season of classic Viennese balls.

Each year more than 450 balls take place in Vienna, starting in November and reaching its peak in January and February, during the season of Carnival. The Grand Finale: The Vienna Opera Ball at Vienna State Opera.

From the opening ceremony with a debutante's committee to midnight shows: Celebrate Viennese tradition of over four centuries and take part in the romantic, formal ball events until the morning in historical locations in Vienna.

Highlights of Vienna Balls 2021/2022

14/01/2021 Wiener Zuckerbäckerball
Venue: Hofburg Vienna
Tickets: Landesinnung der Konditoren, 1080 Vienna,
Florianigasse 13, T  +43 1 514 50 6314
21/01/2021 Ball of the Wiener Philharmoniker
Venue: In all halls of the Musikverein building in Vienna
Tickets: Wiener Philharmoniker, 1010 Vienna, Bösendorferstr. 12, T  +43 150 565 25
22/01/2021 Ball of the Viennese Coffee House Owners
Venue: Hofburg Vienna
Tickets: Club der Wiener Kaffeehausbesitzer, 1010 Vienna, Judenplatz 3-4/1, T  +43 664 794 674 5
23/01/2021 Wiener Regenbogenball 2021
Rainbow Ball – gay and lesbian ballroom event
Venue: Parkhotel Schönbrunn
Tickets: www.regenbogenball.at
23/01/2021 Ball of the Viennese Industry
Venue: Hofburg Vienna
Tickets: Wirtschaftsbund Wien,
1030 Wien, Lothringerstrasse 16/5
Tel. +43 1 512 76 31 26
25/01/2021 Jägerball - Hunter's Ball
Venue: Hofburg Vienna
Tickets: Grünes Kreuz, 1010 Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 11, T  +43 158 785 18
11/02/2021 Vienna Opera Ball
Venue: Staatsoper
Tickets: Opernball Office, 1010 Vienna, Goethegasse 1, T  +43 151 444 260 6
12/02/2021 BonbonBall
Venue: Konzerthaus
Tickets: Office of Alphonsus & Partner, T  +43 121 435 02, office@alphonsus.at
16/02/2021 Elmayer School of Dancing Ball
Venue: Hofburg Vienna
Tickets: Dance School of Elmayer-Vestenbrugg, 1010 Vienna, Bräunerstr. 13, T  +43 151 271 97

Your Space for Passion - and Drinks: Dine in elegant style at restaurant YOU.

Modern but chic: YOU restaurant combines two styles, such as Vienna loves to celebrate good old ball times in modern times. Perfect start of the night.

Le Moet Champagne Bar

First champagne at Champagne Bar: Fancy drinks + canapés at the hotel lounge.

They say, when Lady Gaga of "Bad Romance" would meet jazz flair, it's our champagne bar. Get in festive mood with other guests and locals before the ball. Let the waltz begin!

A little break never killed nobody, while dancing almost your shoes off.

You might want to take a little rest in between all dancing.

Don't forget to buy an additional table ticket at pre sales. You might share it with other ball attendees: Great to chat + cheers with other ball enthusiasts.

Stay until the early morning: You might dance from the evening until 5am.

Balls traditionally closes with a hommage to Johann Strauss' "Radetzkymarsch". This will be your key track to put all your last energy into your body.

Bring a Damenspenden: In the 19th century it were beautiful cards from admires.

When you enter a ball, male partners should bring a ladies gift, which is called "Damenspenden". Today it can be a bouquet or silver spoon. Creatives welcome.

Dos + Dont's + Traditions at Balls in Vienna

Opening Ceremony: The so-called debutants start the ball usually at 9pm/10pm.

It's their first ball event ever. Note: Only female dancers, who are debutants should wear white. After that opening everyone can join the dancefloor.

The Waltz: The most traditional dance in the world and full of history

The first ballroom dance and still the most popular partner dance in ballroom genre. Local dance shools offer classes for learning or refreshing your waltz skills.

Dine + Drink: No glamourous event without a food buffet of cold + warm dishes

The traditional meal at Vienna balls is gulash soup, which will be served at midnight. So be careful with your glamorous ball gown and lace gloves.
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