Coral Nursery

The resort elevated its efforts to the next stage of rescue and rehabilitation by building a Coral Nursery to facilitate these objectives. Believed to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, it offers guests the opportunity to participate in the unique and inspiring activity of growing new corals which, after 4 to 12 months of nurturing, will be returned to the sea.  

Coral Experiences

Coral Transplanting
This special 30-minutes, hand-on activity begins with an educational talk about coral and the importance of their existence in the ecosystem, followed by the transplanting of live coral fragments onto mini Artificial Reef Modules (ARM) that will be nurtured in the coral nursery for a period of time. After which,  these mini ARMs are then relocated to the sea to provide various fragile sea life with a habitat.
Coral Clearing
During low tides, our resort team spends a couple of hours removing loose, dead coral as well as other debris caught in the reef. Guests are welcome to join in this meaningful activity. For tide times and heights, contact our water sports center.
Young Marine Biologist
In this exclusive program crafted for budding Marine Biologists, treat your children to a memory they will cherish as they experience a day in the life of a Marine Biologist! Some of the activities include learning the details of maintaining an aquarium, learning about coral care, assisting in Coral Transplanting sessions, taking temperature and pH tests and delving into the secrets of marine life through researches.

Please note that this activity is applicable for children aged 8 and above. Booking in advance is required.
Private Guided Snorkel
Get acquainted with the various marine life that the vast ocean houses with our Private Guided Snorkel sessions. It's the perfect experience for both children and adults as our Marine Biologist will provide you with a live, one-on-one commentary of the fishes and corals that you are able to see underwater. Note: Please note that we strongly urge guests to avoid applying sunscreen prior to this activity due to ingredients in sunscreens that have been found to be harmful towards corals.

Fish Feeding
Best suited to our younger guests as they are involved in an opportunity to assist our Coral Nursery team during fish feeding. This also serves as the perfect way for the young curious minds to interact with our resident Marine Biologists.
Marine Life Laboratory
Our Marine Life Laboratory is a fully functioning indoor laboratory set up for academic research and to further disseminate the team's knowledge with guests. We often have visiting students conducting their marine and coral life studies and this is usually shared with guests though interactive presentations and other activities. At the lab, guests are also able to see tiny marine life under a microscope such as the Tiger Tail Seahorse hunting for microscopic prey.

Coral Reef Walk

A marine biologist takes guests to see the Andaman’s amazing coral reef, estimated to be between 6,000 and 8,000 years old.


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