The Cretan Cuisine Experience

There are so many opportunities to explore Cretan life: good music, endless dances and the festival culture under the full moon, next to the sea, within vineyards or on the top of the mountains.

The most famous celebrations all around Greece are the festivals to honor the saint-protector of each village. Locals are gathered to enjoy local food, exchange the famous “mantinades”, which are improvised rhymes to celebrated different occasions such as love, life or friendship; they sing and dance to the small hours!

Enjoy the unique cultural and gastronomical experiences of Crete, while rejoicing in a landscape of breathtaking beauty by the sea and enjoying the unmatched facilities and unparalleled service of Blue Palace Resort & Spa.

Blue Door Taverna
Blue Door Taverna

A Lesson in Greek Cuisine

A hands-on approach to the cuisine creations native to Crete

Join us for a Greek cooking class, focusing on the island's authentic flavors and traditional recipes. Learn how to make your favorite Cretan salad Dakos, aromatic and delicious Dolmadakia (vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs) and enjoy a step-by-step lesson on how to prepare a traditional Prawn Saganaki. Learn valuable cooking secrets, take a wonderful lesson putting theory into practice and enjoy the dinner you prepared at Blue Door Taverna.

Flame Restaurant

Cretan Wine Tasting at Anthós

Become an expert on the endemic Grape Ranges of the Island

Get acquainted with some of the best wine labels of the island with our Cretan Wine Tasting experience. Set up at Anthós restaurant, you can enjoy a selection of the most distinguished wines along with an array of delightful bites, such as local cheeses and traditional cold cuts, refreshing dips and crudités. A wine specialist will introduce you to the Greek grape ranges and unravel the palette of Cretan wine flavors!

Cretan Grappa Distillation

Custom-make your own Grappa with flavors for you, by you!

Guests have the opportunity to make their own flavored tsikoudia or raki, produced by Cretan wine varieties such as Moschato Spinas, Vilana and Liatiko. Our sommelier will guide you through the process, helping you to select the flavor of your preference and pair it with local herbs, spices and dried fruits.  Once the distillation process is finished, you may enjoy the grappa you’ve produced at the spot or at the privacy of your room.

Afternoon Tea - The Greek Way

Reinvent your afternoon ritual, Greek style!

Traditional tea - scones, cream and jam; finger sandwiches and dainty cakes - is served every afternoon at Arsenali Lounge Bar. Indulge yourself with a glass of champagne too! If you're feeling adventurous, opt for our Cretan Afternoon Tea Experience. With an extensive selection of Greek herbal teas or the famous Greek coffee prepared on the spot, the traditional Cretan pastries and delicacies make for the perfect company. Balanced out with savory bites with the freshest local ingredients, tea takes on the Greek way of treating yourself!

Afternoon Tea Time