Cretan Feast

There are so many opportunities to celebrate life in Crete; good music, endless dances and the festival culture - under the full moon, next to the sea, within vineyards or on the top of the mountains. With feasts all over the island celebrating religious holidays, weddings or baptisms, there is always an occasion to eat, drink and celebrate life with family and friends.

Come and join us in a unique ritual, the Cretan feast; large bonfires are lit at our private beach for the cooking of the famous “antikristo” lamb – sprinkled in sea salt and slowly cooked for five hours above the fire – while authentic local delicacies will be prepared on the spot. All of these festivities accompanied by the distinct tunes of Cretan lyra. Enjoy this unique cultural and gastronomical experience, while rejoicing in a landscape of breathtaking beauty by the sea and enjoying the unparalleled service of Blue Palace.

Every Friday, from June to September, at Blue Door.

Blue Door Taverna
Afternoon Tea Time
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