Family Friendly Activities

Attractive hotel services and a diverse range of exciting activities await families with children in the City of Mozart. Whether it be skiing, hiking, swimming or a cultural excursion, Salzburg with kids has plenty on offer and is well worth a family trip.

Salzburg's Old Town features various children's sightseeing tours, discounted admission fees and public playgrounds that are close to our hotel. Additionally, families can obtain a Salzburg Card, an all-inclusive pass that provides free entry to museums and sights in Salzburg and free travel on a boat, cable car and public transport.

Regional Explorations

Swimming at the Salzkammergut
The numerous lakes around Salzburg provide plenty of opportunities to take a refreshing dip. Enjoy a relaxing day of swimming with a beautiful view of the Austrian mountains at Lake Fuschl, for example, which is located just 15 km outside Salzburg.

Berchtesgaden Salt Mine
In an exciting guided underground tour, visitors can marvel at the Berchtesgaden mining tradition dating back to 1517, with almost 500 years of active mining. Highlights such as the slide or the underground journey across the Mirror Lake await you.

Cultural Adventures

Salzburg Open-Air Museum
With 100 newly-rebuilt original buildings from agriculture, handicrafts, rural trade and industry, the open-air museum in Großgmain is the largest museum in Salzburg. Visitors are taken on a journey through more than six centuries, during which they will discover Salzburg's rural past.

Haus der Natur
Haus der Natur ("The House of Nature") is situated just a stone's throw away from the Hotel Goldener Hirsch. Exciting exhibitions, a large zoo area and interactive science and technology stations provide fun and entertainment for the whole family. With an exhibition area spanning over 7,000 m², the Haus der Natur is currently the largest museum of Salzburg.

Toy Museum
The Toy Museum is famous for its collection of antique toys and is located just around the corner of Hotel Goldener Hirsch. Aside from being able to marvel at the historical exhibits, younger visitors are encouraged to become actively involved and try out all kinds of different toys for themselves.

Historic Encounters

Trick Fountains at Hellbrunn Castle
A special kind of spectacle awaits visitors at the Salzburg palace of fun. Elaborate water features with beautiful fountains, grottos and water automata provide refreshment and a surprise or two for extra fun in Salzburg with kids.

Hellbrunn Zoo
The unique landscape of the Hellbrunner Berg, with steep cliffs on one side and the foothills in the pastureland on the other side, is home to around 1,200 wild animals. Domestic and exotic animals - from the Alpine ibex to the banded mongoose - live on the approximately 14-acre site at the Salzburg zoo in natural, spacious facilities and are sure to amaze the children.

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