Le Méridien Family Club for Kids

The Le Méridien Family Club aims to give children the chance to make the most of their holiday too, all under the watchful eyes of qualified child minders. It has its own secure indoor and outdoor play area and a covered splash pool, provides fun and educational programs and activities. The entertainment includes mini basketball, balloon blasting, sandcastle competitions, supervised water-sports and treasure hunts.  More sedate activities include paper and painting contests, puzzles and face painting.

The Club can also provide baby-sitting facilities in the evening, for parents wanting to place their children in safe hands, while they make the most of restaurant or nightlife options at the Resort.

There is also a TEENS CLUB available for the grown-ups, 12 to 16 years old, offering a variety of energizing and thrilling games and activities.

Le Meridien Family Club

Explorer Zone


Learn about the UAE culture with interactive fun games.


Explore our Hotel with this illuminating walk filled with discovery moments. Join our range of proactive games, sports, dance, mini fun games /tournament and creative activities.


Be creative and think like an artist as we paint, draw and scribble in a variety of fun and creative painting sessions.


Put magic around you as we creatively craft animal figures, plants and nature out of everyday objects.


Have fun and be creative with your food as we make our own sweet creations at this sunny day.


Informed by a creative approach to play, Le Méridien Family helps spark inspiration and curiosity in our littlest travelers. It is designed not only to serve as a play area but to encourage all the kids to engage in a world of make – believe and amusement with hands- on activities and destination-focused fun. Making sure that your children will have lots of fun and enjoy the play area and extensive both indoor and outdoor activities. With the freedom to scribble, kick, stick, clap, splash, swim, dance, sing, jump, scream, climb, doodle and slide, Le Méridien Family Kids Club is where imagination takes off, with creative fun suited for all ages.
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