Long Days In The Sunshine At The Big Blue

How often is it that you find yourself swimming in crystal clear waters and gazing at an island, only a few hundred meters away, which is a National Monument?

Blue Palace’s beach offers an unsurpassed experience. There is no sand on this long private beach; only white round pebbles, smooth as eggs. And the water is so clear you can spend time watching the turquoise seabed changing and the little fish swimming. There is such a sense of space and of unspoilt natural beauty, that makes you feel that this is the definition of summer luxury.

The Blue Palace Beach

Main Beach

The main beach is furnished with private decks, fully equipped with loungers and parasols and leads to the main floating pier. Order an ice bucket of rosé wine, and a cone of freshly grilled prawns, and settle back to enjoy a spot of sightseeing Spinalonga island lies right in front you. Our water sports club is also headquartered nearby, so expect enthusiastic critique of your paddle board progress from people sipping cocktails.

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The Traditional Caique

Our beautiful, traditional wooden caique is a gem, and every voyage it makes is part of a bespoke experience. This is actually the kind of hospitality Greeks like to offer each other; a day out on the water, in good company, with exceptional food and wine.
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The Isola Beach Club

At the Beach Club, you can enjoy the effortless cool of lazy summer days. Set amongst olive trees, the spiral stone building is where our DJ weaves the musical spells of the moment, conspiring with top mixologists and our madly inventive chef to deliver the Cretan beach experience at its most alluring. Daybeds, loungers and swings will set the mood during the day lending itself to breezy nights around the fireplace and full moon parties.
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Water Sports

Located at the beach, the Water Sports Center offers aquatic options to suit enthusiasts of all ages. From traditional water sports like water skiing, windsurf to knee boarding, wake boarding, and trick skiing, there is something for everyone. For diving enthusiasts, our dive masters offer scuba lessons, night diving, boat diving, snorkeling, deep diving, and underwater photography.
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