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Venice Carnival re-imagined

Redefining Venice Carnival for the 21st century with a fully immersive production pushing all boundaries.

Palazzo Dinner

The evening’s events begin with an intimate dinner in a palazzo on the Grand Canal, representing a shared celebration of life and a homage to Venice's annual Carnival. Jamie Cullum will entertain with his unique crossover blend of jazz, ballads, and modern rock. Enjoy an aperitivo at 7:30pm, followed by a live performance and exquisite dinner, served at 9:00 pm, prior to being transported to another dimension of revelry.

The ‘Carnevale del Futuro’

Inspired by the iconic Carnevale di Venezia, ‘Carnevale del Futuro’ flips the focus from present to future. It is a celebration stepping into a time-shifted parallel universe at the Arsenale di Venezia, a swirl of sensation featuring eye-popping couture, cutting-edge production techniques, in-demand artists and globally renowned DJs.

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For full package “Palazzo Dinner” + “Carnevale del Futuro” - € 2,300 plus VAT

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