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The Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City is located in the major business district of Santa Fe—one of Mexico City’s newest neighborhoods. Ultra-modern high-rises stand in contrast to traditional Mexican architecture found elsewhere in the city. At the heart of it all is Centro Santa Fe, the second largest shopping mall in Latin America and home to more than 300 stores. Spend the day perusing the racks at Hugo Boss, Prada, Palacio de Hierro, and Saks Fifth Avenue, or dining at one of the mall’s many restaurants. For golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game while away from home, the Santa Fe Golf Range offers 30 stations on 3 levels, a 230-meter putting range, and a chipping area. Refine your putt or swing through a private lesson with a golf pro, or take advantage of video analysis with the Golf Tec simulator.

Paseo de la Reforma and Constituyentes highways offer easy access to the city center, where countless diversions await. Just 10 kilometers away, the trendy Polanco District offers an incredible array of attractions, including the Museum of Anthropology and History, Chapultepec Castle, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests won’t want to miss the Historic District, where they can visit some of Mexico’s most treasured religious and historic buildings, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Fine Arts Palace, the Palace of Mining, and the National Palace—a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.

Our concierge staff is happy to assist you with tickets to several thrilling tours. The Mexico City tour introduces you to Aztec art at the Museum of Anthropology and History, the famous murals of Diego Rivera at the National Palace, and the Aztec Templo Mayor. Visit the sacred city of Teotihuacan and see the monumental pyramids devoted to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, and stop at the Basilica de Guadalupe, a shrine to the Virgin Mary who legend has it appeared in Mexico City in 1531. Other trips include tours of the quaint town of Puebla and the Rosario Chapel and a visit to the Franciscan monastery of Cuernava.

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Family and Children's Activities

8.6 miles

National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)

Phone: +52 55 4040 5370

Considered one of the world's most comprehensive natural history museums, this famous institution contains the world's largest collection of ancient Mexican art.

7.1 miles

Bosque de Chapultepec

Phone: +52 55 5271 1939

Bosque de Chapultepec is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere, providing visitors with plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy.

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Phone: +52 55 5271 1939

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Phone: +52 55 5554 5999

Coyoacan is a 16th century village that has become the historical arts district in Mexico City.

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Centro Santa Fe

The second largest shopping mall in Latin America and home to more than 300 stores and Premium brands such as Prada, Hugo Boss, Palacio de Hierro, and Saks Fifth Avenue, or dining at one of the mall’s many restaurants.

Museum of Anthropology and History

Containing one of the world’s largest collections of archaeological and anthropological artifacts from prehispanic Mayan civilizations to the Spanish conquest.

Located within Chapultepec Park, the Museum is one of the most comprehensive and impressive (almost 20 acres) facilities in the world.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was born in, and lived and died in, Casa Azul (Blue House), now a museum. Almost every visitor to Mexico City is eager to visit this site to gain a deeper understanding of the painter and take home a nice souvenir like a Frida handbag. The house features beautiful mementos and personal items that evoke her long, often tempestuous relationship with husband Diego Rivera.

Santa Fe Golf Range

Improve your game or keep up with other golf enthusiasts featuring 30 stations on 3 leves, a 230-meter putting range, and a chipping area. Refine your putt or swing through a private lesson with a golf pro, or take advantage of video analysis with the Golf Tec simulator.

Chapultepec Castle

Covering an area of more than 1,600 acres, Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Park) is Mexico City’s largest oasis and one of the must-places to visit. Chapultepec Park, divided into three sections, is home to forests, lakes and remarkable sights and attractions.

Bellas Artes Palace

You won’t want to miss Mexico City's imposing Palacio de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Palace), located about seven blocks the west of the Zocalo, next to the Alameda Central Park. Immediately you will see why this charming domed Palace is one of the city’s primary sites. It is the host of exhibitions and theatrical performances and is the main venue of the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. Beyond theater, the Palace also promotes visual arts, dance, music, architecture and much more.


Coyoacan’s tree-lined cobblestone streets, colonial-era estates hidden behind high walls and several interesting churches, museums and artisans’ markets make it one of the most fun places to visit in Mexico City. A lot do to in one place. You’ll be able to find museums, cultural activities, assorted culinary offerings and many bars to taste some of the best tequila and mezcal with friends or co-workers.

Teotihuacan, The City of the Gods

The ancient ruins of Teotihuacan have fascinated visitors for centuries. This amazing archaeological treasure is located on the central highland plateau of Mexico, surrounded by mountains and much mystery. These ancient ruins are magnificent to behold, fantastic in design and magnificent in their beauty. Located just 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, Teotihuacan was the New World's first great metropolis.

Rosario Chapel in Puebla

The Capilla del Rosario, or the Chapel of the Rosary, is a shining example of Mexican Baroque architecture. At the time was regarded as the “8th wonder of the world”. Today the architectural jewel, resplendent in gilded stucco, is a must-see for any visitor to this UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The centerpiece of the sanctuary is the altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who almost appears to float in midair. Visitors only need to spend a few moments inside the chapel to realize the master craftsmanship involved in creating it.

Local Attractions

La Mexicana Park

0.6 miles from hotel

Centro Comercial Santa Fe

0.6 miles from hotel

Chapultepec Castle

8.1 miles from hotel

Expo Santa Fe Convention Center

0.6 miles from hotel

National Museum of Anthropology

8.6 miles from hotel

Museo del Tiempo Tlalpan

11.2 miles from hotel

Palacio de Bellas Artes

10.8 miles from hotel

Museo Dolores Olmedo Patino

11.5 miles from hotel

Museo de Arte Popular

10.6 miles from hotel

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia

10.6 miles from hotel

National Palace (Palacio Nacional)

11.5 miles from hotel

National Museum of Art

11.0 miles from hotel

Museo del Templo Mayor

11.9 miles from hotel

Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso

11.9 miles from hotel

Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo

10.8 miles from hotel

Museo Soumaya

8.1 miles from hotel

Museo Nacional de Historia

8.1 miles from hotel

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli

9.3 miles from hotel

Frida Kahlo Museum

9.1 miles from hotel

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