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Ile du Nord, North Island Seychelles
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Area & Activities

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to enjoy and share the rarity and purity of all that North Island is. You only need to spend a few moments on our far-flung jewel to feel how its air, its sights, sounds and aromas inspire a holistic sense of well-being. At times, you might want nothing but to feel the fine, warm sand push through your toes. But for when you want to engage in new experiences and sensations, we offer a generous selection of activities for all ages and paces. Whether on land or water, by foot or mode of transport, there’s something that will call your name. And the best part is, you’ll never need to leave the island and its surrounding waters.



Guided Walks

Accompany one of our guides for the stroll up Spa Hill to the best views of North Island, learning along the way about our Noah’s Ark Island rehabilitation programme, the indigenous wildlife of Seychelles, and maybe meeting a tortoise or two.
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Venture through our lush forests on cleared paths with a mountain bike or trek across our beaches with a fat bike. Every villa is equipped with bikes and more are available in adult and children’s sizes at our Activities Centre.

Longboards and Bodyboards

Whether it’s for you or your kids, we have boards to enjoy our warm waves with.


Each villa has an electric buggy for your total convenience, allowing you to cruise effortlessly and (almost) silently along the island’s sandy tracks and reach West Beach Bar or Honeymoon Beach. Quiet and emission-free, the Island buggies are entirely in keeping with our philosophy of Island conservation.
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The Library is the custodian of the history of the island. As one of the only listed buildings found on the island when development first began, it was sensitively restored to showcase its original coral block walls and typical arched openings. Visual focus is drawn to the suspended anchor dating back to the 1800s, that was pulled out of the bay in front of the Library. 
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The Environment Centre

North Island’s Environment Centre offers a unique opportunity to further environmental awareness as well as a chance for you to connect with nature while leaving behind a positive impact. It is the hub of environmental activities on the island and serves as a base for resident conservationists and environmental volunteers. 
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The Boutique

Whether for yourself or to take home to a loved one, you’ll find our boutique is a treasure trove of bespoke beachwear, jewelry and gift-ware. A collection of curated pieces that capture the spirit of our barefoot luxury.

Sea Turtles

Our guests are welcome to join our conservationists on their daily morning turtle patrol, where they monitor and tag our precious neighbours. You could very well encounter an endangered Hawksbill or Green Turtle on one these patrols or be fortunate to see them nesting or hatching near your villa.

Explore the Island

It really is amazing how immersing yourself in the ocean, its wildlife, its cooling waters, its ebb and flow, takes your mind off everything else. The North Island Activities Centre is housed in a historic coral building and it’s here that you’ll have access to a plethora of water-based activities and equipment.  
Kids Activities

Local Area & Activity Highlights

More Local Area & Activities


Our tranquil inshore seas are perfect for drifting with the gentle currents. Sea turtles, Eagle rays and a vibrant array of sea life can be admired directly off the shore or from one of our fully-equipped boats. 


This is a wonderful way to get a workout, while exploring our surroundings. You might even have an Eagle ray or a few curious dolphins join you.


Sign-up for a PADI-approved diving course and explore the world beneath our waters. With state-of-the-art scuba equipment and expert Seychellois dive masters, you’ll be taken to the best spots to see coral life and our fish biodiversity. 

Half-Day Fishing

Head out onto the equatorial waters off North Island and try your hand at catching some fish. The Seychelle waters feature Marlin, Kingfish (Wahoo), Yellowtail Tuna and more. Our team will prepare your catch for your next delicious meal: the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted.  

Full-Day Big Game Fishing

A true fisherman’s paradise, feel the thrill of fishing the Drop-Off and see what impressive catches you make. 

Sunset Cruises

See the island from another point of view. Enjoy the sea breeze until the sun begins to dip below the horizon. Our crew will make sure these memorable moments are complete with sunset drinks and canapés.  

Advanced Wreck Diving

Explore wrecks that have been reclaimed by the ocean and have become havens for marine life. 

Cousin & Aride

For the bird lovers, these small, rocky islands are home to huge colonies of nesting seabirds. 

Family and Children's Activities

Outdoor playground

North Island is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy as a family, but we also wanted to extend the generosity of our offering to our younger guests. Let North Island become the ultimate playground for your children with our wide range of activities.

More Activities

Sailing (5.0 miles) Rock climbing (0.9 miles)
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