2 Louis Pasteur Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 6803602 Israel
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Modern luxury meets ancient history

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The Jaffa hotel resides within Tel Aviv-Jaffa, a lifestyle destination renowned for its historical port, local flea market and culinary scene. The hotel pays homage to its historical surroundings, seamlessly blending a section of the 13th century Crusaders Wall from the courtyard into the contemporary lobby. Signature chef restaurant, Don Camillo, infuses international dishes with indigenous flavors and serves a daily Israeli Italian breakfast. Mingle with stylish locals at the destination Chapel Bar and sample New York classics at Golda’s Delicatessen. The Jaffa houses an outdoor pool, state-of-the-art fitness center and a world class spa. World renowned designer John Pawson’s signature minimalist style, custom furniture, sumptuous beds, lavish bathrooms and luxurious amenities characterize the 120 rooms & suites, presenting the fine comforts of a lifestyle hotel, designed to harmonize with the historical architecture of the 19th century building stunningly restored by architect Ramy Gill.

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Outdoor Pool

Saturday, July 20, 2019

4000 Years of History

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Ancient Meets Modern Design

The Jaffa provides a perfect blend of service, style, and state-of-the-art luxury. An urban resort surrounded by the city’s most fashionable neighborhood.

Sheshbesh Backgammon Lounge
The Chapel Bar

Unwind in Luxury

After a day of exploring, Tel Aviv - Jaffa, this ancient port city and its environs, retire to the personalized luxury of your lodgings at The Jaffa.

A New York Dining Story in the Heart of Jaffa

Don Camillo pays homage to the great Italian-American New York restaurants of the 20th century and unites authentic architecture with an opulent atmosphere.

Don Camillo
Don Camillo

Defining the Destination

A harmonic blend of ancient buildings, old winding alley ways, boutiques, modern art galleries, wonderful landmarks, and lively and trendy nightlife scenes.

Old City Alley
Old Jaffa Port