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Cuisine - JW Marriott

  • Fresh Ingredients

    Fresh Ingredients.

    That's where it all starts.

    Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end -- including the most delightful dining experiences. At JW Marriott luxury hotels and luxury resorts, those memorable meals start with wholesome ingredients picked locally, prepared expertly and served graciously.

  • Authentic Cuisine

    Authentic Cuisine.

    What an original idea.

    Genuine delicacies, recipes and dishes that you can't find any place else on earth except the place you happen to be at that moment. Those are the dining experiences served up with care and prepared according to local tradition at JW Marriott luxury hotels and luxury resorts.

  • Local Flavor

    Local Flavor.

    It’s what you long for.

    Dinner in Dubai should feel different than lunch in Los Angeles. The restaurant's atmosphere, architecture and staff should remind you of where you are in the world and of the rewards of being well traveled. JW Marriott gets that and that's reflected at each of our restaurants - no matter where you have a reservation.

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