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Wellness and Fitness - JW Marriott

  • Private sanctuaries

    Private sanctuaries.

    Enjoy your own.

    JW Marriott spas aren't just places where you can unwind. They're places where you can actually hear yourself think so you can focus on the big picture. In a split second, our organically-inspired treatments transform stress into serenity, chaos into calm, and daily distractions into absolute clarity.

  • Personal fitness

    Personal fitness.

    It's part of our business.

    Staying in shape isn't an option. It's a passion of yours and ours. So, to help you stay on track, even when you're on the road, each JW Marriott is outfitted with uncluttered state-of-the art fitness facilities, energy-replenishing organic fruits and nuts, and even staff that can recommend local walking and running routes. The result is a crafted total body workout that's just right for you.

  • General wellness

    General wellness.

    Let's be specific.

    When it comes to overall wellness, working out alone isn't enough. You need a crafted, coordinated approach to living well and to enjoying the experiences you collect along the way. You'll find that at JW Marriott where the emphasis is on equal parts fitness, nutrition, and the proper balance of work and relaxation.

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