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Well-Being Retreats at JW Marriott

Transform mind and body with JW Marriott and Nora Tobin

Immerse yourself in the ultimate well-being retreat led by health and fitness expert Nora Tobin. In some of our most inspiring locations, indulge in four perfectly curated days of inspiring workshops, expertly crafted workouts and nutritious cuisine, infused with a few decadent indulgences.

With a shared holistic approach to wellness, JW and Nora have partnered to bring you mind-body balance at these truly intimate retreats designed to help you reach your personal goals with us and beyond.

Get to know Nora
Nora Tobin sitting on floor

Nora is a celebrity trainer, lifestyle coach and nutrition specialist whose well-being programs and retreats are expertly crafted to inspire you to be your best self. Her extensive experience and magnetic personality make her the perfect partner to help guide you through your well-being journey. From workouts to workshops to meals, Nora will lead you through every element of the program offering personalized guidance based on your wellness goals.

Achieve your personal goals
Nora Tobin in yoga pose

Take a look at what these four transformative days will bring:

• Luxury accommodations in an awe-inspiring destination

• Nora Tobin’s proven Fitness and Nutrition Program with a Toolkit to guide your retreat experience

• Daily workouts combining high-intensity training, strength training and yoga to maximize results

• Artfully crafted culinary experiences that offer nutritious meals as well as decadent indulgences

• Two Signature 90-minute spa treatments

• Personalized Lifestyle consultations with Nora

• Local, authentic well-being excursions

• Mindfulness sessions to help you achieve balance

Experience true luxury

Be inspired by some of our most incredible destinations where you will be treated to enriching experiences that nourish the soul — thoughtfully crafted by associates who truly love what they do.

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A retreat that stands out from the rest
Side view of Nora Tobin sitting in yoga pose

What makes this retreat so unique?

• Nora’s infectious, upbeat personality will leave you feeling motivated and inspired

• Intimate retreat (up to 15 people) for a truly personalized experience

• Enlightening social interaction with like-minded people

• Individual attention in crafting a wellness plan to reach your goals

• A luxury experience only JW can offer

Start your wellness journey with Nora's 20 minute work-out
Nora Tobin running along the beach

Dynamic Warm-Up
To increase range of motion and enhance performance, perform a series of lunges, squats, jumping jacks and arm circles.

10 reps each

Core Conditioning
To sculpt stomach and improve posture, alternate between a forearm plank and a side plank for 30 seconds each side.

3 sets | 30 second rest between sets

Strength Training
To build lean muscle and burn fat, push-ups are the ideal exercise.

3 sets of 10 reps | 15 second rest

Interval Training
To burn calories after your strength workout, sprint for 30 seconds and then slow down for 30 seconds on any cardio machine.

8 rounds | 60 second rest

Static Stretching
To increase flexibility and enhance results, cool down with a forward bend, quad stretch and shoulder opening stretch.

30 seconds each

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