Travel Brilliantly in Redesigned Guest Rooms

A Quiet Zone And Creative Zone All Rolled Into One | Redesigned Marriott Guest Room

We don't know when inspiration will strike. We know where. That's why we've redesigned the Marriott Hotels guest room to be more inviting and exciting. A place that sparks creativity, fuels the imagination, and welcomes reflection and relaxation.

Modern room
Desk with a lamp
Nightstand with a lamp
No detail is too small to inspire big ideas
spacious room
Room with desk and sofa
room with a lamp hanging
Artwork that holds your gaze for days
Metallic shower head
Walk-in showers that wake up body and mind
two double beds with a view
green divan sofa
Room with a desk and TV
room with painting on the wall
room with a sofa
Lighting that illuminates the room as well as your best ideas
two double beds
Room with a table and sofa

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