Redesigned M Clubs

Woman opening door to M Club, text reads Redesigned Marriott | Go where the world can't follow

For all your hard work, you deserve an exclusive space to retreat, recharge, and refocus. Anytime, any day, with 24/7 access. That place is the M Club, available at select Marriott Hotels.

Dining area with a view of sea
Dining area with table and food and flowers
Dining area with gold partition wall
retreat, recharge and refocus
Dining area with pastries on countertop
Open seating area with television
Seating area with couch and armchairs
New spaces. New perspectives. See for yourself.
Amber coloured lampshades hanging from ceiling
Enjoy small details that give way to big ideas
Seating area with armchairs
Dining area with utensils and food items
Seating area facing two television screens
Open dining area with seating and tables
Seating area with long couch
designed with your mind in mind
long bulbs facing downward
Large indoor and outdoor dining area

Find your inspiration at a Marriott M Club.